Shuriken Practice 3 Proposed Scene

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After the success of the Dashboard game back in 2008 the game was ported into a 2D version for a Japanese company to release on the original iPhone. I figured it was high time it was revived again but this time not going from 3D to 2D but instead going from 3D to VR.

Originally I just wanted to improve the graphics since devices are capable of so much more than back in the day of the iPhone 1 but then I got my Rift and I figured: "Why not bring this into the new generation and make a VR game instead?"

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For some reason the GIF plays slower than the video but in any event, this is what the health bar opening sequence was supposed to look like back when it was still a 3D game with a 2D interface.

As long as you have an account on my site using an email address registered with then your face would load in the health meter :)

From 2D to 3D to VR??? That souns like quite a challenge to take on, my dude o: I'll be interested in getting some more info on this!