[Mobile Game You Might Like] Tap Guns

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Although we create the mobile games, we want to post about another productions as well. Playing games is the best way to find the inspiration. This is the first article of the “Game you might like” series. We will introduce mobile games which are worth of the attention (in our opinion). We don’t want to write complex review articles. The idea is that we will be creating easy to read descriptions of the mobile games. We will try to find not very popular products, so we hope you will always find something new here. Tell us if you know the games appearing in this series!

Tap guns

The gameplay is based on the known idea (actually the title is suggesting it). You tap the screen to take the action. In this case, you are shooting to accelerate the gun. Although it might look like another “Color Switch” clone, the game gives a lot of fun. The gun is rotating which makes everything more challenging. If you need a time-killer game, the Tap Guns might be a good choice!

Quick summary

  • tap to play
  • contains levels (challenges mode)
  • nice graphics and sounds
  • seems to be hard
  • contains ads
  • some minor bugs


Google Play
App Store

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