Looks pretty good to me but I guess they'll have to tell you. I don't need free Steem personally but I am a huge fan of provably fair slot games. I think that since this technology exists all games should function this way but in reality very few do.

@mintdice if you don't interfere with the algorithms you don't need a typical "provably fairness" to be fair to the players. Just designate RTPs for each game and you can be sure that math will do the job better than any developer. 😉

This approach is not only fair to the players, but also has a positive effect on the game flow - players don't have to "sign" every transaction for a given draw and they can just have fun. And in our opinion, it's all about good fun!

We respect your business like any other that supports the adaptation of crypto currencies and we will be happy to exchange experiences. However, we ask you not to link to your website in the future under our posts because we will have to hide them using flags. There are other, more creative forms of promotion, you should try it. 😉

Best wishes!