Ultra Blazing Fire Link Slot Machine Review (RTP 96.31%)

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Scientific Games created Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine, one of their newest online slots, which features a theme that is fully focused on India and its stunning temples. Most of the time, we can notice it in the background image of the game rather than in the symbols, though there are some components that resemble those of a game of this type.

The Overview of Ultra Blazing Fire Link Slot Machine

A total of 50 pay lines are available for those who give the slot a shot, and there are 5 reels that will spin for them at a time in the Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine. We believe the fixed jackpots that can be won, which can be worth up to 10,000 times the bet under the right conditions, will satisfy you. 

For a slot machine that is meant to have medium volatility, it is especially intriguing. RTP is 96.31%. There were a few scatter symbols, free spins, one wild symbol, and the Ultra Blazing Fire Link respins on the list of special features.

1. Betting Options

It only takes a $0.20 wager every spin to get things going. If you like, you can raise the total to as much as $10. The same 50 active lines are used in both cases.

The respin function of Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine will be where the game's real significant prizes will appear. The Mega Jackpot, worth 10,000 times the wager, might then be won. Together with other rewards, there are also three smaller fixed jackpots available. 

The regular winning combinations, on the other hand, are paying up to 20 times the stake, so you should be okay with their lower value (1,000x the stake for a full screen of top symbols). It remained as a medium volatility game with a 96.31% RTP.

2. Game Features

The wild symbol doubles as the highest-paying symbol and can award up to 20 times the line bet. It is created of gold and has a round form. It might only be used as a replacement for the standard symbols.

Only the reels 2, 3, and 4 are permitted to receive Treasure Chest scatters. They start the free spins feature when they appear, all of them at once. This method can get you 8 bonus spins. If a Treasure Chest appears on the fifth reel, you are awarded an additional spin.

In order to activate the main feature, which is also the one that can award fixed jackpots, the Fireball symbols must appear at least four times in a single round, even if they are scattered. Starting with those triggering symbols, you attempt to collect more throughout the subsequent three spins. 

Right now, the only options are blank and fireball symbols. If more symbols are obtained, the spins are reset to three in the Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine. When you get enough of these symbols, the fourth row is added to the top (or it may already be there if 8+ Fireballs activated the feature). With up to 20 Fireballs, an additional row of up to 4, can be achieved. 

You get compensated based on the quantity and value of Fireballs displayed after the feature ends. If you win the Mega Jackpot, your payout could be up to 10,000x from the bet. 

3. Theme and Design

Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine is based on Indian culture, although you might not be able to tell from the title, and it features a temple as its background image. At least in part, the symbols seen on its reels look to be fitting, but they might also be used in slots with different themes.

Fireballs, Treasure Chest scatters, Golden Circle Wilds, plus diamonds, emeralds, mango fruit, lotus flowers, peacock feathers, and the four top Royals, will all be symbols used on the game's reels (Jack to Ace).

Final Words

While its features are not really original, we've seen these respin features a lot before, Ultra Blazing Fire Link slot machine is looking like a pretty nice option for most players, and you're still getting medium volatility and fantastic top jackpots to go after. You can explore more about this game at Wonplay888.

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