Winning Sneakers from an Arcade Machine?

in games •  10 months ago

I was walking around the mall today & stumbled across this arcade machine.



A single play on this machine costs RM 20 (roughly USD 5) which may sound a little steep to my fellow Malaysians but considering the worth of the sneakers in the machine are upwards of RM 600 at retail. It sounds like a solid investment to anyone with steady hands & good hand-eye coordination!


Yeezys which are the most prized among the bunch being placed at the top tier of the machine


How the game works?

You basically have to guide a key into the slot above the desired sneaker. Hence, the game being dubbed The Keymaster.

A check on Instagram shows there are only 2 Keymasters, one in PJ which is the unit posted & the Hypelocker in KL.

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These machines typically have a min amount of money that needs to go in before it will pay out. If you want to test if the machine is ready to let you win when you play a turn and push stop for it to go in, if there is any 'lag' or delay before it stops (to make it hit the top of the key) or it stops instantly when you're too low it's not going to pay out. There are quite a few videos on Youtube showing how it works.


thank you. I checked it out on youtube & get how it works now :)