Steem Monsters Launch Custom Tournaments

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BYOM - Bring Your Own Monsters

Are you not entertained? Blockchain gaming has boomed over the last year - and crypto trading cards (in particular) have cultivated million dollar marketplaces. One such game, and of the most consistently popular games has been Steem Monsters - a collectable trading card game where you can buy, sell, trade or battle monsters.

This past week Steem Monsters opened up custom tournaments - allowing anyone to host their own tourney and entice the public with unique prizes. While some of the most common prizes are in Steem or Steem Dollars (two of the local tinders) others are legendary cards or even ERC-20-like Steem Tokens from the smart contract platform, Steem-Engine.

So far, over $1,000 USD worth of tournament prizes have been given out with nearly 5k more to in the queue.

About the Game

If you're curious to learn more about Steem Monsters, make sure to read up on our interview with the two founders - click here.

Steem Monsters is a game where you can buy, sell, or trade collectible digital monster cards. The ownership of these digital cards and the game results are all published and verifiable on the Steem Blockchain. These cards can also be leveled up to get them ready for tournaments that players can compete in for prizes, such as more cards, crypto, and upvotes.

Project: Steem Monsters
Steem: @steemmonsters

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Blockchain gaming have surely witness such a success in few years, which is incredible, I love playing steemmonsters.

Steemmonsters is just awesome! I'm playing every day!

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I have yet to win one. I always time out as they seem to run upwards of 45 min and well that's just a crap ton of time for 10 steem...

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