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The Cryptoverse will be a busy place

I looks like the space game category is starting to get busy. I recently wrote an article about, and now there is a big player coming to the "space". CSC . If they pull off what they are planning, this one might be really good. For starters, they have implemented a few balance checks. In the beginning, the market will be controlled by them and then slowly transferred to the players as the market grows. The will also have game play difficulty levels. Core space will be safer and less abundant in resources. Fringe space will be governed by the player and have a wild wild west vibe. If the design works out, this should make a great arena for competition and profit.

Profit for the Crafters

The crafting system is very deep. Not only will you be able to craft and improve items, but you also need blueprints and it takes real time to craft or upgrade items. The best part of the crafting system that I can see is the royalties. If a player discovers, improves, or invents an item, they earn a royalty every time the item is sold. This gives a great perk to early adopters, and it gives value to crafting that most other games don't have.

In Real-Time

My last 2 favorite upcoming gameplay mechanics of CSC are travel time and the ability to set up contract triggers. As we learned the hard way with CryptoKitties, you have to have checks and balances in these inner-game markets. Another example of this in CSC is travelling takes time. Each ship has different speeds, and it takes real time to get to places in the game. This will help with over farming of resources. Finally, you will have the ability to

set up a series of contracts, starting with a resource contract that triggers a crafting contract on fulfillment and ends with a sale contract when the ship is created. Once the player sets these contracts up, the blockchain will enforce the collection of resources, distribution of ETH to players, and the creation of a marketplace listing for the completed product.

I'm not sure how they are doing this technically, but it sounds like a great feature for those who want to automate some of the gameplay by giving up some profit. It looks like there will be a little bit of everything for every type of player. So hopefully they can make this all work out as intended. I bought a pre-sale ship so I'll let you know how it goes. You can get yours at their site CSC.

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This looks like a very interesting project and game .. hope it is better then cryptokitties.. lol

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This makes me wonder how lucrative it is for these "bots" to be doing this 24/7. This may be there real "show me the money!" on Steemit?

You are very much correct. The money is HUGE. There are reports already showing some of this. I do hope to create one in the future.

Thanks for keeping up with this space for all your followers! pun intended haha

As someone who is fascinated by space I found this really great ;)

It already has become busy with so many alternative its is hard to find the right coin

Nice, i will share this with a few cryptogods

this is great. the game of the future

If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.

I don't know if you heard of Entropia Universe.

The highest paid item in a game was in that game (635k $).

I didn't quite undestand what this is meant to do, but is it something like that?

From what I understand (atleast I think so) is that this game utilizes blockchain, but what would it be used for?

I havent heard of that game. This game is on the network so you can have contracts and a secure ecosystem for the economy. You should do some research on smart contracts.

I love this game idea, I actually wrote a article on this game myself just a couple of days ago.. yours is wildly more popular though.. how did you do it? if you have time check out mine.

I also did the twitter stuff. User: @TaavetiBSG

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I promoted this post because I think space games on the block chain would be awesome!

I'm a developer myself, but haven't done any blockchain dev work. I have read that 'randomness' is the main problem for games on the blockchain, Ethereum in particular.

Thanks for the post, appreciate the links to the two space games!

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It game is interesting to play,
your gaming review is very good. It helpful for all gamer.

Looks like a fantastic project, just my kind of game and concept

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Ok sweet, thanks bro. I'm not much of a gamer, but this sound pretty fresh..

nice post sir.This looks like a very interesting project and game

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im so surprised with all the dapps in the ethereum blockchain, i dont know how invest in all the games HAHA

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Cool! I saw that the gaming conference going on in California right now has a game that has cool prizes which can be found or earned.... like 10 bitcoin is one!

A new idea we wish success

Where can i find this game ??

I love your project in good time, success!

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I have to check this out, but why that much voting bots? :)

So freakin cool I love seeing the fact that games are becoming a part of crypto land. It is seriously one of the key things that will help adoption into everyday life for cryptocurrencies.

The game looks very nice! I think it's worth the play. Good post @brittuf.

cryptoverse will be a busy place,,,because the development on next 10 year will increase a lot that This cryptocurrency will be the future money,,Thanks @brittuf for sharing valuable article,,,@upvoted

Great share. The gaming industry is heavily being utilized by blockchain technology. A lot of cool projects being started @brittuf

es sieht wirklich sehr interessant aus , ich folge dir und bin gespannt was noch so kommt. Vielen dank für diesen Beitrag

wuhuu the game best of steemproject and world game (the best) ! <3

nice project, best wish for you.
the name of your article CryptGalaxy is best name ever.

It seems an interesting game, if I organize my time maybe I can enjoy a little of it.

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