What is the best way to build my United Games business?

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I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on building your United Games business. But first I want to explain to those who don't know what I am talking about, what I am talking about.

United Games is releasing a first of its kind REAL time sports game app this fall. Its looking like sometime in Sept.

This app is a free to download, free to play real time sports game that lets players compete against each or against other teams answering questions about the game they are watching or making predictions. When they get it right, they get higher rankings, perks and even prizes.

Prizes range from hats to game tickets and even include all expenses paid trips. United Games has teamed up with a company that provides real time sports data and this is used for the game. NFL, MLB and Nascar will be the first sports offered and more sports will come online as they start their seasons. Also international sports will be available as well, soccer, rugby, cricket and even the Olympics!

Hopefully I have not lost you so far....lol

Currently United Games is recruiting affiliates to share the game. Affiliates have joined from 170 countries already. Once the app launches, no more affiliates will be allowed to join. Affiliates are the ones who initially invite players to join and get the viral ball rolling.

Affiliates are paid on tokens, the game currency. When those players upgrade their player by either purchasing tokens or earning tokens for free, by watching 15 sec ads, they get paid. Same amount either way. Each token is worth $1 to $1.50 and affiliates are paid 10% . Affiliates also get paid when they play and invite their players who play along with them. 43% of revenues generated either by purchasing or Freemium play, watching ads, is paid to affiliates.

Players are encouraged to share the game with friends and family and receive free tokens, ranking and perks for doing so. When players invite other players, the affiliate who started it all gets paid. To infinity. No matter how many times the app is shared away from the affiliate by players, they get 10%. If you signup an affiliate the payout is slightly different in regards to their players, you still get paid, just differently. I will explain shortly.

I hope you are with me so far. So lets talk about making money with this app.

Sharing with friends and family who like sports is an obvious one. We don't really need to go into detail in regards to that. The app allows you to send private invites via email or text message so its really easy to do.

Now, if you want to make BIG money, sports bars are the key. Sports bars can signup as a player or an affiliate and can then promote the app in their bars to their customers. When players join their team, they can invite those players pre game to come down to the bar and play. They can also let the players know about any game specials, like free drink, free food, whatever and give them a deadline for doing so. Say 2 hours before the game. The app will let them know how many people have agreed to come down and they can plan accordingly. This is huge for bars.

Okay, I have to dig into the comp plan a little bit first before we get into the potential of recruiting sports bars. The 10% commission I spoke about earlier is for players underneath you. If you have an affiliate under you, and they invite players, you only get 5% of the revenue generated by those players. But you do get a 20% matching check on your affiliates. So if your affiliate makes $1000 per month, you make $200. Make sense?

Here is a breakdown of what an affiliate can earn recruiting sports bars as affiliates. Sports bars can also be just players, but we will assume they see the potential now and join as an affiliate before the cutoff date:

1ST Month:
1 bar – 5000 monthly patrons
5000 Patrons x 4 bars = 20,000 patrons
20,000 patrons x 10% Player sign up rate = 2000 players
2000 players (first month) x 25 tokens/player Av. = $50,000
$50,000 X 5% = $2,500.00
$50,000 x 10% (Bar %) = $5,000.00
$5,000 x 20% (Your Check Match) = $1,000.00
Total Month 1 = $3,500.00

2nd Month:
2,000 Players x 4 Players (average referral rate is 7) = 8,000 players
8,000 players (first month) x 25 tokens/player Av. = $200,000
$200,000 X 5% = $10,000.00
$200,000 x 10% (Bar %) = $20,000.00
$20,000 x 20% (Your Check Match) = $4,000.00
Total Month 2 = $14,00.00

3rd Month:
8,000 Players x 4 Players (average referral rate is 7) = 32,000 players
32,000 players (first month) x 25 tokens/player Av. = $800,000
$800,000 X 5% = $40,000.00
$800,000 x 10% (Bar %) = $80,000.00
$80,000 x 20% (Your Check Match) = $16,000.00
Total Month 3 = $56,00.00

These numbers do not even take into consideration multiple Affiliate Tiers and Multi Check match commissions. We won't get into that right now. I am sure this is too much as it is.....lol

So lets assume it even takes 4 months to get to this income level the work you do now will pay you HUGE dividends!

Affiliates who join pay a one time $29USD and $10USD per month for hosting of their affiliate portals through which they send out invites, track players and commissions etc. I am sure you will agree with me this is the lowest overhead of any business out there considering the huge potential.

Affiliates who join through my team also receive something nobody else gets.....and awesome capture page system that automatically followsup with players through a tastefully done and well timed email campaign. This system is given to them for free.

Here is an example and if you want you can actually enroll as a player or an affiliate through it:

Also I have another domain that is currently setup to allow players to join through it, but once the app launches, I want to turn it into a map for bars that will let players know which bars have teams they can join. Not sure how that will be done yet, but its programming so anything is possible.

Here is the site:

Well I am hoping this will help any United Games affiliates who are on Steem to do way better with their business. This game is going to be huge and a ton of fun. I can't wait to play it myself. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading!

Brian Jerome
United Games - Team Awareness Founder

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