Mobile Legends Why Hayabusa could be the best hero for ranking?

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Hi guys! Today I'm back to tell you why Hayabusa could be the best hero for ranking. Let's start!

Hayabusa is an OP mid and late game hero! Don't let this hero farm in the first 6 minutes because having two items can make this hero's ability powerful. This will give your team a disadvantage and can lessen your high damage dealer's confidence to push through lanes and farm. Because they could be killed fast because of this hero high damage.

Hayabusa's skills are a crucial combo killer to heroes! His second and third skill can dodge, or cancel a hero's kill! That's why Hayabusa is very good at 1 on 1 fights. This hero's objective is to farm, kill the enemy's damage dealer hero, push and give team mates opportunities. Having a good start in the first 10 minutes could be a very good situation for the Hayabusa and his team mates!

Hayabusa has a high mobility and damage to give team fights a very crucial play! This hero has a short cool down of skills that's why you could easily deal high damage to your enemies! Having this can give you big advantages in your team. But always look out for your enemies when they have armor. Armors lessen high damage of assassins.

And that's all for today. Thank you for stoppin by!
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