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KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. 

 Kingdom Hearts 3 - All Trailers (June 2018 1080p)

Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe.Through the power of friendship, Sora, Donald and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to overcome tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds. 

Words of Tetsuya Nomura

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a specific place marked on the calendar, the title of Square Enix is

the product of many questions still in response. After appearing threefold in conferences of E3 2018, the new adventure of Sora and company will arrive on January 29, 2019 with the baton of being one of the most ambitious works ever created in terms of cross-licensing. And that task is at least complicated.

Complicated because collecting Disney licenses is not the result of a couple of conversations but of procedures that can be extended for more than ten years, as Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed to the companions of El Español. Having Toy Story with a visual aspect that looks even better than Toy Story 3 (2010) has been a slow, expensive process, which also involves the task of moving to the game keeping as faithful as on the big screen. But it has the advantage that "They are very attractive characters [...] looking for a global audience and trying to reach all ages," he said.


To that, he adds that obtaining other unconfirmed licenses such as Star Wars or Marvel is a task that may no longer be possible in Kingdom Hearts 3. He insists on the difficulties in processing that desired "yes" from the companies.

If Pixar was a process with more than a decade of waiting, who knows how long it would take to receive approval and its consequent translation in the game by Star Wars or characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and many others from Marvel "I know that people ask for it and I love those worlds myself. It would be great to be able to have them in the title and it would make everyone happy, but it is very complicated. Even for Pixar it took me ten years to get it, "he acknowledged, conscious of the fans' wishes.

let's wait to see what takes place in this installment and what this launch brings us I hope you follow me in 



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