Resident evil 4 (Video game) a review of the game.

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Hello friends after spending hours playing 3rd birthday (Parasite Eve 3) I decided to play Resident Evil 4 much will say this game is very old but for a lover of the saga no resident evil is old or bad to play..

This game is easy to play for those who are already experts in this saga, but we are going to analyze the game.

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Ident Evil has a long history of titles behind it, both for PC and consoles. It is one of those games that I have always enjoyed playing, and a magical and intense saga like few others. For me it has two things: the chilling atmosphere and desolation created, and the constant struggle for survival that we must carry out. When I play any Resident Evil I always have the feeling that in any corner horror awaits me. Those sordid houses dimly lit or the immense loneliness we feel when we walk through each room, is something that has been recorded in the deepest of the minds of all who follow this saga since time immemorial (for the world of video games 10 years is all an important figure). Like good movies, the truth is that the Resident Evil phenomenon is something unprecedented.

The atmosphere Resident Evil

There are currently many third-person games on the market, but not one of them is capable of capturing the essence we feel when we play any Resident Evil, unique in its kind in some way. He bet in his day to involve the player in a dark atmosphere worthy of the most gruesome horror films, a credible and intense atmosphere, which made us enjoy the game from start to finish intensely. Today all these ingredients are maintained, but with a great change of scenery and setting that the saga required, but maintaining the essence: great monsters, an excellent level design and an interesting script.

Capcom has finally brought his masterpiece to PC. After devastating in GameCube, in what many today consider as the best game made for this console and one of the best in the history of video games, a shortened version for PS2 was released, although it was not At the height of the original, it maintained all the elements that made it great.

And what is the PC version?

Good question friends ... and I'm not going to go on with delays in this aspect or dizzy partridge: the PC version of Resident Evil 4 is not up to the circumstances. It gives the impression of finding ourselves in front of a bad port coming from the PS2 version, and it is not explainable in any way that a game that reaches us with so much delay is technically light years away from its GameCube version and is worse than the PS2 version. The only thing that saves technically is the higher resolution it achieves, but we will discuss these technical aspects in depth later.

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Although Resident Evil has always been directed towards a consortium audience, ports to PC have always been the order of the day. Sadly none of them has ever been characterized by its good work: always arriving in bad conditions, and incorporating a defective control, among other things, which ends up diminishing the brilliance of the titles for questions that should not. Resident Evil 4 has not been designed to be played with keyboard and mouse, so from now on I invite you to play with a gamepad if you want to play it in the best possible way.

The history

The game starts with a short introduction about our main protagonist and his goal. You are Leon S.Kennedy, a hard nut to crack, and it is not strange that you have been designated for this highly secret mission due to your great experience in this field, with the objective of locating the president's daughter. In this way we will arrive at a desolate village where we will be received not very "kindly" by its inhabitants. In this case it seems that we are facing a kind of extremely hostile and bloodthirsty zombie-villagers: yes, again the classic formula of Resident Evil is back. And it is necessary to recognize that the atmosphere is tremendous: devilish villagers carrying torches and sharp axes, moving slowly and chasing us wherever we go.

Different scenario but with the gameplay of yesteryear

The gameplay is classic in the series. First of all it will seem something archaic but you will quickly discover that it is tremendously intuitive and effective (as long as you use a gamepad). The game manages to have you stuck to the seat all the time, and this is precisely what I appreciate, beyond the graphics or the quality of the port, we are before Resident Evil in all its essence, a great game and a very great work that nobody should miss.

Going back to the gameplay, you will see that it is the same as always: you shoot as you advance among a horde of monsters until you discover that, Oops !, there is no ammunition left. When this happens you will already know that things will paint ugly, really ugly. As an alternative the player may use a knife, but even so in this installment the action has been enhanced and it will not be difficult for you to find enough ammunition scattered throughout the mapping or to obtain it from the fallen enemies.

The inventory is the same as always, but with a look certainly attractive and renewed, which will allow us to combine crucial objects that may be necessary to open certain areas, and as always you can mix plants of different colors to obtain different effects such as healing or poisoning remedies : Easy to use and effective.

The Resident Evil of all life

At each step you give you will want to have more abundant and destructive weapons, since we will really find too many enemies thirsty for our blood.

With the help of a detailed map that gives us ample information about the area in which we find ourselves, the player can easily locate special sites where to keep our progress. The well-known typewriter is still present, and means you can not save when you want. All a success, which forces you to play more intensely and think twice before acting.

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We are are also with sinister merchants who will sell us different things as weapons. Occasionally it will give us the possibility to try certain weapons in the purest style shooting target, a curious detail.

Another aspect to highlight is the brilliant artwork and the design of monsters, which literally made me gasp on more than one occasion with some of the monstrosities that we can contemplate.

As for AI, there's not much I can say. Most of the enemies are like brainless zombies that will attack us in a group, having to mention certain powerful enemies that we will face on certain occasions, or our tireless hooded "friend" who will chase us with the chainsaw for the whole adventure. .. really tired.

Technically zombie

Graphically speaking, we are faced with a nonsense in every rule, especially considering that we are in the middle of the next-gen era, and this PC game looks like a game a few years ago. Logically you can increase the resolution quite a lot and play with filters and others to improve the detail, but what is not forgivable is that, as we said at the beginning, we get a game so little elaborated in this section, far from the majesty that offered on GameCube and even worse than the PS2 version. However there are strong rumors that a patch is being prepared that would improve the lighting of the whole game, hopefully this is not left in the water of booze, and fix this nonsense.

As for the sound, it is in two languages: English for our protagonist and other characters, and "Neutral Spanish" for the zombie villagers, although with Spanish subtitles at all times. The thing is that the plot takes place in a town in Spain, and, for some sordid reason, they have chosen to double it in the Spanish spoken in South America.

Tráiler resident evil 4 ( Vídeo youtube)

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Resident Evil 4, as such, is a masterpiece for many, that has remained in a want and I can not in this conversion for PC, to which unfortunately we are already accustomed. A rough control (if we use keyboard and mouse), poor graphics and lighting along with the delay with which this version comes, make something that could have been a bombing for PC users, stay at half gas and only be salvable thanks to the plot and the great gameplay that it has. However, those who have played on other platforms would be seriously disappointed.

To conclude I wanted to give a lot of detail to this publication about the game and the research was thanks to:

Thanks again for reading my publication of resident evil 4 I hope you liked it.

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I really enjoyed the switch of sorts that RE4 brought to the table. Instead of the usual zombies we are faced with fanatical villagers and well, some of those sequences are downright terrifying. The first time you are faced with battling a bunch of people (and as I am sure you remember this was actually VERY early on in the game) there are so many of them in such a wide area that you are actually not meant to be able to defeat them all. You are supposed to run and jump and knock over ladders and escape through windows.

If i remember correctly a certain amount of time needs to pass and then a bell rings out and everyone just goes away. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the game.

I thought RE4 was fantastic, even though I originally played it on the Gamecube which had a rather uncomfortable controller.

Great game and a great review by you.

The big difference was in the traditional zombie that was slow and easy to elude, now it is chased by a group of villagers with an ax, an electric saw is a remarkable difference.

You are right when you say that in the first part you have to climb and do many things to pass the time. I remember that my first time could not pass that part because the woman from the electric saw always killed me was an easy target since I ran out of bullets before the bell rang.

I'm glad you liked this publication.

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