Olenna Tyrell: Queen of Everything

Image Source: Unsplash User Ashton Mullins

In the midst of all this Game of Thrones prophecy speculation as to whether it’s a Prince or a Princess that was promised, as well as who really will/should take the Iron Throne, I think it’s important to shift gears a little bit and take a moment to really think about who’s played the overall power game longer and better than everyone else – even in death. That, Steemians, would be Olenna Tyrell, brilliantly played by that goddess of the stage and screen, Diana Rigg (who is also a Dame of the British Empire).
Seriously, Olenna stole every scene she was ever in, with every character she ever had dialogue with. She slept, killed, and strategized her way through life with an intriguing amount of self-awareness and poise. Here are some of her best moments:

Discussing her motivations with granddaughter, Margaery:

Video Source: YouTube User Valar Morghulis

Ruthless? Witty? Both? A great scene with Tywin Lannister:

Video Source: YouTube User Game of Scenes

Olenna’s archenemy, Cersei Lannister, feels her wrath:

Video Source: YouTube User The Valyrian

From one queen to another – Olenna gives advice to Daenerys Targaryen:

Video Source: YouTube User Ben Quincy-Shaw

Last, but certainly not least, Olenna has the last, triumphant word:


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