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I'd say there's much to say but i prefer not to say too much .

My main worry would be giving away too much on mechanics - and even more so on security measures to prevent draining of zonefunds - which ,

in se, would work a bit like a pool (where have we heard that before) that gets thinner the more players playing who dont put in too much - so when it comes to scaling that i presently have no clue, but as i doubt i'll have 1000 players within a year im not much worried, the zones are getting their SP , slowly , i just put in a certain "measure" according to the system used that should give each one a relative potential "loot-pool" independent from what players spend (or lose when they lose their corpses - which WILL happen ... no debate there, i know the non-casual approach costs a lot of potentials by default but ive been gaming too long to try and please the common denominater

It's your way of expressing things ... i keep agreeing that it would be much better if my smoking hot asian marketing gf did the talking but i keep stressing the fact that she's not home, SO ...

my lingo wil have to do .

The last efforts go into synchronizing Phaser 3 / javasciprt with asynchronous ajax/jquery to php <> and back to ensure there's no cheating or double looting possible (among other potential exploits) by keeping it about all serverside which

in other words depicted by six times thousand pictures worth

between client , server and asynchronous requests is no sine-cure for a noob like me ...

in the end, when playable and live, the preliminary things-and-stuff first approach should end up a more agreeable experience , especially


it would ever come to actual synchronized multiplayer (by the year 3000) ...

you can check the site via the links @goldmanmorgan if you like - you can link your morgan account to the site by following the instructions, you can in theory (i think practically as it works for my tester characters) but tickets and insertcoins but in reality there's nothing to play yet ...

you'll need a @goldmanmorgan account to play - later (LATER) an SMT might be an option but explicit pay-to-win is something i would very much also like to avoid , despite the fact that its pretty logical that people with more money to boot will definitely have more chances at things money CAN deal with

i think that's pretty much inevitable (like this hellhole called "real life ...")

gud ...

the gfx for there are all mine for now but i'm thinking when i get to the actual limbo dungeon and the washedup beach (which when playable should constitute something like "early access" i suppose) of first of all using opengameart as i certainly dont have money to pay someone to do it for me and rendering (as im not very good with pencils and paint) it costs a LOOOOOOOT of time on the one pc thats good enough to run the localhost on i have left :)

so if you have a billionnaire sugardaddy please tell him to by a trillion steem to up the price so i can get some new hardware, as asking for sponsors would mean i have obligations

and im not good with that unless it comes from my side as a question ...


... and then some ...

w.i.p. , e.ta. nAn

ya, yaaa ... i DO, and i certainly will when i see something steady coming from it : you can see for yourself what's possible by not starting out with hot air to sell :D

thats like euh - that would even be almost a wage in belgian taxes, doing what you like .... not baaad there

certainly, but atm my own goal is getting €5 a day to get rid of all and any trying to tell me what to do and how to do it ...

which is not livable, but certainly gets me the option to say NO to certain things ...

SO ... but i dont wanna

"i dont wanna" be selling hot air or depended on SOMEONE ELSE heh, maybe that makes sense, in order to get at least there, i need that THERE to be without someone else needed once its there

maybe that makes sense too to any but control freak factions or the talentless in need of mules to drain and raid (yea, thats why i need that smoking hot marketing girlfriend, INDEED again ... i shouldn talk "about that" ... "like this" .... "here" ...)

but Orwell disagrees with you on that

what does Orwell have to do with this ?

yup thats right - my ghostwriter girlfriend aint home either

sooooo (rc, bro, RC ...) gtg

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