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The state of the state ...

a bit here a bit there, let var heWhoIsInterested = gocheckitout ; (any idea why the scholars have a fetish for using caps seven times a word in variables and function-names? i don't have a clue ... some idea on readability maybe or ... my guess someone who wrote one of the first rtfm's did it and the rest just follows ... cows and sheep live in teams after all...)

(its not a salespitch, precious, my sales-girlfriend aint home, i keep telling you that)

so trying this like

and then that like

to get somewhere like

seems to scare the living daylights out of the back-to-school faction for some reason (i think it makes them feel obsolete or extinct or something but DONT WORRY ... MOST normals NEED schools while SOME AB-normals get held back by the presence of too many square waves if you know anything about ADSR (thats not a mental condition, precious...) you know what i mean ...

(want ik ben nen dikkenek trouwens, EN ne zot EN nen dopper ..!

EN vanalles

so basically stuff has been done despite the attempts at mental castration


its somewhere there, it works on FF , chrome and on my android 8 device for all i can see all of it does, the relative proportions however are (ofcourse) less important than securing loopholes and making sure the mechanics are solid (in the chaos im creating as my name is Random of Amber and the Kiplings cat that walks by himself)

i think i did stuff - and then some stuff, like ... i think among others the session looked like it was still open if you closed the browser and booted up again (like clicking the littel x in the top right and then the icon so the page opened and it looked like still logged in (but it wasnt really)

so now it doesnt look like still logged in ...

does that sound like in-crowd goodspeak or WATH?

(hahaaa snookums !)

and then i think i did some stuff like ...
o yea, a login log like - you can see your last three sessions in case you get someone logging in from mount olympus or venus you would see that then ...

not for tracking

... stuff

and stuff

see, like


Screenshot from 2019-03-24 08-11-28.png

i took mah paintbrush and created the mountains from thin air and i saw it was good and there was light so i quit because im a moonchild and a luna-tic

Screenshot from 2019-03-24 08-12-02.png

dont ask me what im gonna do with it, i have no clue, i just thought it was cool (hahaaaaaaaaaa snookkums) to have a 3D viewable worldmap of what i will call (for now) world's end where the city of night (shrouded in mist) on hilltop lies ... ('guess where that would be on the map then)

flattened the part where the washed up beach is a bit

im just getting into this ...

diesel power and

i'm not a bio-hacker cos i dont have money, space and time for it ... i need to get my own life back in my own hands and everyone who thinks id function better pulling their cart

OFF MY FUCKING BACK, pardon that, my smoking hot japanese girlfriend will come by later to explain and apologize (she's great at that, WAY better than me...)

AND ... (boy o boy .... )

the best part ... ?


well i guess that's an update like any update - it joesnt come dust with a tie and a fake smile







didnt bother checking on IE or EDGE ... since thats "billions"-microsoft i assume its will be able to do what the free ones do (haha lol etc...)

when flying around the map !

beware ... they smile in your face

then stab you in the back ... COOO COOOOOOOO

gud, that said - ... its 8:30, im gonna watch an EPS of something and then some shiney until noon or some on the rpgmaker - ... its sunday after all ... quite not too bad despite the counter-current i might say, tomorrow a day of my life wasted on SBS van Mol, nod and smile, cat nod and smile ... then back to this as my sanity is a bit more important to me than de pesjoenkas van de regeering (of wich i wont see anything which i have been saying since i was 20 BUT YOU KNOW PEOPLE : THATS NOT HOW ITS DONE, YOU GOTTA DO IT LIKE THIS and so im still here, stuck , because thats not how i roll...)

and blaaablabal and stuff...

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