"Jack Steem" for #steemplayer , proto-typing

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I don't do the debate on what constitutes art or -ists because i don't consider myself any kind of -ist ...


in my not always so humble opinion anything that ends in -ism turns out to be a great idea or theory turned to dogma, that's the rule of thumb with very few exceptions, i also have a personal saying :

Beware the man who calls himself an artist, he's probably trying to sell you something , so

"Jack Steem" .. as im working (am i allowed to use that word as it involves a lot of time and sweat but no dirt under my nails or lifting heavy weigths ? Can i ... no ? yea , i know , it's something that's illegal right, cos that's not work at all

SO .. (yea , well ....)

programming on a game i dub SteemJack for the moment for #steemplayer , which i hope will take off and bring many steem to steem and a little to me too ... i thought , well cardgames and all that, and very likely more casino-type games on the stack , to-come ... you need faces, opponents, right ?

so i tried my hand ... as i am not really the supreme drawer like someone like maybe @pepoarte or @chinotattooart (yo mister Rondon are you still alive, man ?) i have to resort to trickery like #blender or i end up with something like this :


(that's my hand-drawn Wutang-style ... so if a dj with a turntable is not a musician then me and blender is not a drawer but maybe a cupboard, right ? stands to debate wether using wordpress is the biggest copy-paste of all but if someone uses a snippet from codepen as a template to modify and incorporate THAT IS .... tralala etcetera, in the age of libraries ... do you always have to do that? yea, i do it without thinking because the vitriol permeated my system over the years of nothing and more nothing)

(there's a showcase brewing with demos you can play un-registered but everything is far from ready, although that's not something that will go live by 2050 like tyrnannoght but somewhat sooner i suppose as that's not just me, im just helping out) here : https://steemplayer.com/sp-demo/bj/

and thus and so ... the "wetsuit" mesh i got from copy-pasting (hahalol) the character mesh .. MBlab is le cool but it lacks a library of perfectly fitting base meshes for clothes really so you're left to improv, but since i never plan as i'm a great believer in the theory of systems (not system-theory although i kinda know how that goes too) , meaning the more complex a system (= plan) the more chance it has at failing as more time goes by since complexity is like points for entropy (a core law of existence paper law can not deny) to attach itself too (it has to or everything would just fall in place and all existence would just stop for lack of motion and friction)

but this one goes well with the mesh, its pretty complex though like a zound of vertices so modelling it into something takes time for an amateur hobbyist like me

i'm at "the cuffs" right now ...
les cuffs.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-11 09-54-26.png

which should be straighforward if i join them with the "wetsuit" mesh, HOPING it will transfer vertex and weight data correctly for posing after ...

As for ole spicey for Tyrnannoght, i have taken to manually putting every single vertex, edge and face that's not cool in place by hand ... that thing i sewed together with blender physics just seems to have a VERY messy geometry that just wont fit ...


it's garage sale outside here in "the hood" ... heh ... but i see actually no one from here standing outside to sell, all "professional hobbyist" sunday-marketeers who came at the ad i think ... anyways, i don't socialize much, not here either, so i'm sure im not missing much .. something really nasty happened in town this week too ... (REALLY sad and nasty so there's gonna be nothing but speculation anyway and i have really nothing to say on that ... it's just SAD and a total waste)

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@chinotattooart (yo mister Rondon are you still alive, man ?)

He got on somebody's blacklist because of a tiny mistake. Everything he posts gets auto-downvoted. He gave up on steemit after that.