What sort of whiskey is it? Curious as it seems to be near colourless?

i forgot. it was some cheap whiskey wife brought home. there's also a lot of tonic water :)
but quite nice

Haha ok! Was hoping it was some new cool sort to try :)

군만두에 위스키인가요?
역쉬 ... 이국적이십니다.ㅋㅋ

흐흐흐 냉장고에 있던게 저게 다였어요 ^ㅅ^

soccer tackle is not realistic, he should be rolling around for at least 5 seconds, not standing up right away :D

yo this shit made me laugh! 😄
god damn soccer players are soft

Haven't watch those video for few days already. Still in Bangkok 😅 I will catch up when I'm back

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haha ok i've only been to chiangmai, but my general view on thailand is that people are nice and it's an awesome place to be 😎
have fun!

I have watched your video ... the fighting scene is good ... I suspect your job is an animated filmmaker. Is that right, friend? Hmmm. . yummy ... I like your dumplings. Is it fried? In my area it looks like a risol. In it there are various vegetables cut into small pieces. It's a great snack food. Enjoy your day, man .

haha no i used to wear a suit and stare at numbers all day.
i quit because i just love video games :)

yes it was fried dumplings. it was good 🐻
there were veggies and shrimps in that thing. quite nice.. 👍

Wow cool, A little complement of delicious snacks

thanks for stopping by! 😁
have a great weekend

완전 멋져용~!

으아아아아~앗~! 위스키닷~! ㅋㅋ
행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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네 근데 음료를 좀 많이 타긴했어요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
가볍게 즐기는정도~

Excellent video my friend!!!! Have a beautiful weekend :)))

thanks friend! you have a great weekend too! 👋

Green one packs a big punch😁

Posted using Partiko Android

yes but green? not yellow? 😨

It could go either way it is border line green/yellow.

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Buen trabajo,y esos boxeadores jaja me deleitarn mucho ,ah ,que sabrosas se ven esas empanadas,me imagino tienen buen relleno,que las disfrute [email protected],y pase un sabado de relaj,saludos un abrazo

those dumplings weren't perfect but pretty nice :)
i hope you have a nice weekend

success is always for your game, and the food looks good😋

Posted using Partiko Android

thank you and i wish you success too :)
may everything go as you wish

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already tuesday night now. enjoy your evening!

routines that require a good, nutritious and filling supply of food

the dumplings look a bit charred 😁

enjoy your day @roundbeargames

haha yes. but it's how i like it. slightly burnt! 🐻

Great advance 👏! I hope you continue building your project.

thanks! for sure i will continue!

I am already having a feeling that your weekend is doing great

wasn't perfect. but it was a nice weekend :)

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Wow, left hand punch on the target's right leg calf = pretty badass lol
Omg, fried dumplings = my favourite too @roundbeargames bro 😄

Posted using Partiko Android

haha thanks! i'll have more and more detailed movements as i go on.
fried dumplings and whiskey!

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nice to see you are back to your regular life style ... bt some times you need to relax .. and enjoy your life ..

yes sometimes we gotta relax so we can worker harder 😄

The blue guy is the dumplings and the yellow guy is the whisky or is it the other way around?

wow ... delicious snacks suitable plus a glass of coffee 😋😁

Posted using Partiko Android

yes it was nice. but that's alcohol my friend :)

@roundbeargames, Enjoy your fun and snack time. And in my opinion you have one of the best routine in this world. 😁

Stay blessed brother.

Posted using Partiko Android

haha thanks. i seriously hope i could improve my life tho.

Welcome brother and thank you so much. 🙂🙂

What are the foods made? Too many tests to see. enjoy Your Sanday.

i forgot what was inside. i just remember shrimp..
have a great tuesday!

안녕하세요 roundbeargames님

랜덤 보팅!!

소소하게 보팅하고 가요


Always enjoy here... Fried dumplings it's not bad, sometimes can be my choice besides the steamed dumplings.
Have your nice Monday @roundbeargames

it wasn't perfect. but nice :)
enjoy your tuesday!

Staying at home is the best putting down your back on the rocking chairs while steaming. Have a nice day ahead.

Posted using Partiko Android

thanks for stopping by :)
and i just love staying home!

Hello @roundbeargames
How are you? dear friend..
you make nice coding. awesome moves.
Delicious food it looks like bread pakoda. haha
Thanks for share with us..

thanks man! i never tasted pakoda but i should some day :)

Espero hayas disfrutado tú fin de semana @roundbeargames y si aunque sea rutinario se ve que te gusta mucho crear animaciones como esa que nos muestras en tu publicación

it was a nice weekend. tho it made me fat!
i hope you are well too

Hi, @roundbeargames.
Enjoy your meal!
And clear mind for work.
Happy life.
Promoting steemit on twitter

thanks! whiskey made me 70% clear minded but it was nice.
have a great tuesday!

My usual routines are all of about writing. Inside. Sometimes just walk out for a moment

Posted using Partiko Android

yes sometimes we gotta walk :)
can't work all day!

keep your spirit alive

yes delicious food keeps me alive :)

I like some fried foods in your photo

i love fried stuff too :)

you stay in that better

huh? don't understand

That is so cool dumpling and whiskey, surely it will take away all the cholesterol to your body and you could easily tumbling down on your bed to have a good sleep.

Posted using Partiko Android

those dumplings were alright. wasn't perfect! 😆

So funny with whisky
Thank you all the time.

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