Congratulations! Being recognised for what you love to do is fantastic!

recognized by one person. but it's a start 😄

Yes, a great start!

No much idea what you are talking about in the video but I like the dinner👍

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lol well thanks for coming! 🐻 👍 🍺


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캬~! 역시~ AI 가다듬기 빡샘~ㅋ

주말 치느님과 스타 멋지당~💙
행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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빡쌘거 알고 있었지만 막상 작업하믄 더 빡쌘듯해요 ㅎㅎ 😨
치느님이긴 한데 에어프라이어에요 ㅋㅋㅋ
맛+건강 괜찮은거같에요

에어 프라이어 인류 구원의 발명품~! 💙 원츄~! ㅋ

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Have a wonderful Saturday @roundbeargames

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you too man 🐻 👍 🍺

your work is very difficult. i am just watch your video its too difficult ..

Hope you complete this game properly and i will play this game ....

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well nothing's easy! 😅
but a big thanks for visiting! 👍

You're doing fine there bro, people starting to giving awesome feedbacks on your work😀
Keep it up my friend!!!

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it's one person but gotta go with small steps! 😄
have a good day

Hello @roundbeargames, how are u doing? I watch your video about making games and it's complicated for me to understand. Regarding food it looks like it's delicious chicken meat. It must be very delicious. The other food I guessed was bread. Is that right, friend? have a nice Saturday too, sir.

haha i guess i made it too dry. the 2nd photo is pork 😅
have a nice weekend!

I see you are very good at making games, sir. Regarding food I like to eat delicious chicken thighs too.

thank you it's a fun hobby :)
chicken is good 🐻

Awesome..and about the comments on youtube congratulations😄,,meat is a chicken?😇

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yes it's chicken and meat :)
i hope you had a nice weekend 👋

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I'm going to watch your videos and start creating games...
Maybe in future becouse that is not easy :D
Btw. I recommend to save ur vote power around 90% to maximalize your account potential 👍
Thanks and best regards 👊

thanks for the tip! i don't really care about my sp tho 🤣
but i do hope steem will moon some day.

이번엔 인공지능이군요. 저는 이제 데이터베이스 프로시저 만드는 방법 공부 중이예요. 로그에 찍히는 날쿼리들이 분석하기 어렵다보니 프로시저로 바꾸는게 훨씬 낫겠다는 생각이 들더라구요. 즐거운 주말 되세요.

호옹이.. 전 잘 모르는 분야지만 건투를빕니다 ㅎㅎ
즐건 월욜되시길 🐻 👍

감사합니다. 공부가 쉽지는 않지만, 열심히 해봐야지용.

good video, is this a good type of game

nice combination to look at comments and eat this great food ...

haha well it's just pure meat it's not too great.
but much healthier than sugar and carbs 🤣

spicy Korean chicken meat 😂😂

lol this one was not spicy. but i like them both mild and spicy 🐻

This really explains a lot on how AI teammates follow the players. I admit that my brother is a better player than myself, which I always blame why my teammates(the bots) are idiots, apparently they're following my footsteps. LOL

lol i'll just say ai is hard to build. even this simple ones that only use state machines 🤣

Well, it's even harder to build a profitable follower base. Good job in keeping the momentum and I'm seeing more and more engagement on the channel. Cheers buddy.

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Yes. lets hope the channel gets more engagement soon 😂

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Hello @roundbeargames
Nice videos on AI . you always wear cap on heas why it is ??
Delicious food my friend. Nice post . thanks for remember me my friend.
have a nice day.

it's because i'm losing my hair yo
i'll wear it until i shave my head eventually 😨
have a great monday

Meat is healthy for the body no doubt

yes people demonize meat when it's sugar and refined carbs that cause most of the damage :)

Yea. You already turning into health expert here.

lol that's a little too far. i just like plants and meat 🤣

Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseando que se encuentre bien amigo. Que bueno que su proyecto valla mejorando cada día sus aplicaciones . El pollo se ve muy rico amigo y que tenga un feliz sábado.

good morning amigo. despite all the work my project still has a LOOOOONG way to go 🤣
but i'll keep going. we'll see what happens in the end. i hope you had a good weekend :)

Job well done brother, keep it up...

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thank you. will do

good work :-) I Love Chicken Fry.

thanks i like chickens too

Felicitaciones amigo,deseo que pronto logre lo que desea con ese proyecto el cual esta cerca del logro,saludos y como le envidio ese pollo,aqui eso no se puede comprar de lo caro,como lo desearia,buenas noches

thank you so much for visiting :)
let's hope that we both achieve what we want. have a great monday!

Nice to hear eating little healthy food but it's a pork??? fried chicken??? jejejeje and no liquor and the best comment online is the best and healthy feedback!
Have a pleasant day Sir @roundbeargames

it's chicken and pork :)
both were quite nice.
have a good day

Likewise Sir @roundbeargames, have a good night!

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good job @roundbeargames 👍👏😊

congratulations on many visitors who gave positive comments

for me to eat chicken only without rice will not feel full, definitely hungry again quickly

Enjoy the weekend

lol that's the whole point. i don't wanna get used to eating too much rice :)

And soon more will come - fans and food lol! Those are big bites you got there.

it's actually not a lot considering i had nothing else 😅
i hope you're right more will come!

Congratulations for that comment, I hope you keep moving forward and sharing the project.

thanks :) just gotta start somewhere and keep going!

Just read this now and that meat would taste better with !BEER


lol yes
and i just had beer last night. i don't have pics but it was nice 😋 🍺

Awesome. Giving you 1 more.
After this one, I think you'd already have 10 and thus you can share beer to your friends.

got it 🐻 🍻 👍

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @roundbeargames, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @roundbeargames, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

@roundbeargames, In my opinion it's good time for you to do some live streaming on YouTube may be it will grow your reach and visibility more. Stay blessed brother.

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thanks brother i've been thinking about that.
i just don't think now is the time. but for sure i'll start doing it eventually 😅
have a great monday!

Welcome and good wishes from my side.

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neat AI trick, and good looking meal! Hope all is well :^)

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Thanks. Things are alright. Have a good day!

Awesome. You are building a fandom.

ever so slowly :)

I like the fried chicken, it tastes good

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