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Hello @roundbeargames, how are u doing? A surprise to me you appear faster today. Usually you will be present in the afternoon or evening Indonesian time. First I want to congratulate you on increasing your 100 followers on your YouTube channel. I hope your followers continue to grow. It seems like you continue to develop your games. That's great. I also watched your video about a man walking while hitting the road. Good to watch. Regarding food, thank you for displaying it. I think it's very delicious. I'm just curious about black sauce over food. Is it soy sauce, sir? Have a nice day, my friend.

haha you've been watching me hard! yes most of the time i post at night (korea time).
a big thanks for being very observant lol. i can only hope to increase the numbers as i progress. i'll do my best until i finish this and we'll see what happens :)

as for the black sauce i don't really know what's in it. other than that it's kinda sweet and i enjoy it a lot!

I got the same mouse pad :)

good to hear! another steelseries fan :)

캬~! 언제나 멋져용~!
스노우볼 효과로 점점점 불려 나아가요~
백만 천만 스파 어서 가즈앙~!
으앙 돌핀 5천 먼저 돌파하장~
부은 스팀이 거의 3천 ㅋㅋ 겁나 천단위 지폐에서 ㅋㅋ

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흐흐 네 캄사합니다~!
아직은 이슬 수준이지만 언젠간 스노우볼처럼 크게 굴러갔으면 좋겠습니다. 계속 오르는거 보면 가능할꺼같기도 하고요 ^0^
나름 기대가 되는 상황입니다.

함께 쭈우우우우우~욱 나아가요~!
매일 운동하는 목표 없었다면 이미 접었을지도 모를~ㅋㅋ

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congratulation for your another 100 subscriber .. i think most of your subscriber from steem user..

you are on the way of 1000 subscriber .. and thats not impossible ..

thanks for your support.

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going to 1k was mostly steemians i assume. now i feel like it's a little more organic :)
but whatever it is, i'm happy to see the numbers go up slowly.

Yep build up followers tales time.

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time and good content. content standards are always going up

yes :)
more and more competition

오눌은 두가지 중국맛이네요.ㅎㅎ
나중에 스팀 연동해서 멋진 게임하나 만드시면 ....중국집 몇개 사실수도 있지 않을까요 ㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎ 정말 그렇게 되면 얼마나 좋을까요 😎

Great to see that you're gaining followers, you deserve it. Hope you're doing fine but since you put that food pic, I know u good :))

Peace yo!

thanks man. i really need to cutdown on unhealthy food but oh well..
let's hope we'd both be whales one day :)

Think about your health bro, I got some issues with it now and realized that health is the No1 thing u should care about. Don't come to the point where I am now :)

lol yes i'm still trying to eat healthy

you better! :D :D

중국 산동성에 작장면이라는 요리가 있는데, 근세 개화기 때 산동성 사람들이 인천으로 넘어와서 짜장면이 만들어졌다고 어디서 본 거 같아요. 중국 요리가 한국화된 대표적인 케이스죠. 작장면은 지금도 산동성의 연태(인천공항에서 가장 가까운 중국 도시)에서 먹을 수 있는데, 한국에서는 먹어볼 기회가 없네요.

오.. 설명 캄사합니다 ^0^
저도 얼핏들어본거 같은데 이젠 너무 한국화되서 더이상 중국요리라고 하면 안될꺼같아요 ㅋㅋㅋ

그렇죠. 짜장면이나 짬뽕이나 중국요리라고 하기는 애매한데 중국집들은 왜들 하나같이 '정통중화요리'를 내세우는지 모르겠어요. ㅎㅎㅎ

글게요. 집근처 대림동에서 꿔바로우 마파두부 건두부볶음 등등 진짜 중식으로 하는데 있는데 그게 레알인듯요. 중국은 안가봤지만.. ㅎㅎ;;

Not only hundred of new followers, if you notice your view count started increasing exponentially over time. Which means your video content started reaching more people. Let's keep our chin up and see more engagement to your videos. I'll be on your six buddy

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yes i've been seeing it. it's still very small but 0 to 50 does mean something to me 😄
i'll keep going and we'll see what happens! big thanks for the support yo

First of all, congratz for reaching your first 100 subscribers on Youtube, chukha hamnida :)

"I realized I stay in front of my computer most of the time, eating and watching videos." - Nothing wrong with it, but you just need more workout afterward lol

thanks! but i got my first 100 a long time ago!
this is just another 100 but i'm happy because it happened more quickly 😄

Youtube and Steem are similar in that the comments bring more attention than the post. Make a funny or interactive comment on a popular video and you have new subscribers on your page. I post the videos i make for class and don't pay attention to what happens to them. Sometimes kids from school watch them. Youtube still has a lot of opportunity.9

By the way I'm visiting Dokdo in June.

lol yea sometimes i'm just there for the comments.
and afterall it's still the biggest platform.

i've never been to dokdo. must be pretty cool to go there.

Well done!

Congratulations on getting 100 subscribers. Indeed, all must start from 0 and must be patient, and the food looks tempting😄

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haha yes it's too tempting. completely ruining my diet.
but have a good day @anitacarolina :)

have a good day too @roundbeargames😄

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Wow, you can monetize your youtube with adsense

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lol no. that is kinda far from now. but hopefully i'll get there soon. and also release my game :)

Congratulations for reaching your first 100 subscribers on Youtube. Best of luck, may you get more happy subscribers. Have a wonderful day! @roundbeargames

it's more like 13th 100 subscribers but i'm happy for the fact that it's slowly going faster and faster 😄
have a good day!

구독자 100명 채운게 13번째라는 뜻인가요.. 구독자가 늘거나 줄거나 하다보니 어쩔 수 없는 일이네요. ㅠㅠ

네 ㅎㅎ 한동안 진척이 없다가 요즘 슬슬 다시 시동이 걸리는듯하네요 흐흐
줄어든건 아니고 1000->1100, 1100->1200이 유난히 힘들었어요. 내일이면 1300 갈듯요.

good morning!!! this is a beautiful post with excellent moments and amazing food!!!! have a great day my friend!!! :)

haha thank you. but nothing like the amazing view you have in your city :)

Gradually people grow and gradually people becomes popular more and more. Sure next one will be for 1,000 susbcribers

haha yes. let's hope we get there :)

You deserve more .....👍

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Isn't it good....I remember coming across many post on reaching a specific follower number on Steem. it's rare but in my early days it was kind of milestone

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yes it's good. tho i'm pretty sure people will be back once prices are up, a big chunk of users have already left. for a good reason.

but i just try to make a decent game and share as much as possible :)

Well then steemonboarding is running a contest to bring more people on Steem and win some handsome prizes hope to see some good days ahead

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that's nice. but i don't think prizes will do it. steem needs proof that it's censorship-resistant where anybody can say anything without being afraid. then you'd have something not even google/amazon/fb/etc will ever have. fight where the enemy isn't.

but ned has proven consistently that he can't deliver anything. a horrible leader who happened to be an early adopter but nothing else. luck can only carry you so far. get rid of the dictator and steem might have a future :)

Well that is a great insight. May be he start playing some other time to make user stick to Steem . Like Marley left, that might be the first step towards th downfall

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We all do everything in front of the computer, except when nature calls!

lol yes. other than sleeping and shitting i think i'm glued here

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I have not been able to make a good video, so I am not interested in appearing on YouTube, let alone getting followers

you should probably stop spamming/plagiarizing first.

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i am kinda all over the place with my videos so i gain like 2 subs per month and most probably never see my videos again :D
you are consistent with timing and material so you could go up. if i remember right you are moving pretty decent with subs numbers.
skipped most of the code stuff so not sure, could you move the hammer? as it appears earlier in the move. or maybe FX could solve that visually.

you are over a 1000 subs so maybe you could get it monetized. not sure about the watch time. i just stopped following the changes on youtube when i realized that there is no way i could get to monetization.

Yes the hammer can move cuz its attached to the hand. I just need to spawn it earlier. Im working on some effects to spice it up a bit but im no artist so its super inefficient. Ill finish it up and upload another video tomorrow.

Most of my youtube views used to come from steem. Im glad right now its a little more organic. I still dont have enough watch time tho. but i see numbers continuing to rise so hopefully ill get there. Eventually :)

well you could make a playlist and i could play it on a loop for few days :D

had an idea for the hammer but i need to rewatch like 3 tutorials (as i did not work with particles in after effects for months, or maybe years :) ) to make it and it is 5AM :) so i will wait and see what you did.

haha ok. i'm getting ready to record now.
but i would love to see your effects!

tried, remembered i suck in after effects and i need to work on it, give up :D
but seen that you made it interesting. not spectacular but interesting :D

Lol thanks. Interesting is good enough 😄

@roundbeargames, In my opinion opinion your, Gaming GIF expressing everything for sure and by that i mean, in life we have to strive hard to attain growth step by step.

Wishing you more growth and recognition brother. Stay blessed.

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Thanks brother. Gotta go with small steps!
100 means nothing to most people but for minnows its a lot :)
Lets hope it goes higher soon lol

Welcome and everyone starts from 0, so every addition is a Achievement, and we should celebrate every achievement. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

thanks bro

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한번에 망치를 4번이나 치네요 !
짬뽕 + 짜장 계란밥 ㅎㅎㅎ 탕수육은요?!!

흐흐 이거 올리고나서 저녁에 탕볶밥 먹엇어요;;
오늘부터 다시 다이어트~

망치는 원래 연속으로 칠수잇는거라 ㅋㅋ

We all have to start from 0 friends, if perseverance and patience are able to be maintained then success will be his 👍

yes we have to start somewhere :)
going through lots of trial and error right now. but hopefully i'll find something that works.

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Interestingly when you are with the system and still find something eat... Sweet moment @roundbeargames.

Not exactly sure what youre trying to say here but thanks for coming! :)

Hello @roundbeargames
Nice Creation of hammer. it is looks like thors hammer.
Beautiful tutorial my friend.. why you always use cap in video??
Wow delicious food my friend..
Nice post thanks for share with us..

i was thinking it doesn't look similar enough but thanks :)
i wear a hat because i don't have enough hair lol

Many greetings, because of 100 subscribers in your channel.Now can you turn on your channel's monetize?
I would like to have 1k subscribers soon. :-)

lol no. i dunno why people are asking that but you also need lots of watch time which i don't have :)

[email protected] por el logro alcanzado,y que deliciosa comida,veo que te gusta comer bueno y sabroso ah,hoy no vi la friiiiita jaja

thank you. i still have a long way to go :)
that dish is probably just as bad or worse than fried stuff haha

Y de seguro ganarás muchos más seguidores en tu canal de Youtube @roundbeargames por que el trabajo que realizas es muy bueno y mientras más sea visto tendras muchos seguidores. Que tengas un gran fin de semana

thank you i hope so too :)
enjoy your weekend!

hopefully youtube followers will always increase, and become permanent followers

yes i hope so :) gotta keep working

followers on youtube are very important to improve our channel

I once also made a video on YouTube, but I didn't like it because YouTube's rules changed more and more difficult

well nothing's easy :)

yes, hopefully your youtube followers will increase

Congratulations! Growing on YouTube is not easy, so those 100 subscribers have a lot of value.

I loved the recreation, you do a good job.

Thank you. I just made some effects so im gonna upload another video today. Still have a long way to go!

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