Is that ginger you're eating? LOL
BTW, where is the...

it's larva lol
i don't exactly know what it is. except it pops and tastes kinda weird but nice 😁

Oh... that's brave of you to try them. LOL

you haven't seen nothing 🤨
this is like 2 out 10 on the nasty scale

Hahaha! If it keeps you healthy and alert to be able to do your gamedev then you should just keep eating them. :D

lol i dunno about health but it does give me the energy to go on 🍺

I'm back coz I thought I was giving so much beer but then the beer token owner just tagged me in a post saying I should be giving more. So here is more !BEER lol

lol thanks. gotta have more beer 🍺

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어렸을 때에는 길거리에거 파는 번데기를 자주 볼 수 있었지만, 요즘엔 보기 드문 녀석이 되고 말았죠.

나무위키에서 번데기에 대해 재미있게 설명이 되어 있네요.

네 요즘 뻔데기 보기 힘들죠. 맛있는데..
먹기만 했지 아는건 없었네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

덕분에 저도 새로 배웠어요. ㅎㅎㅎ

Even though I'm not totally reluctant towards eating insects, I have to say this one looks ... weird.

yes it does! it tastes kinda funny too. in a good way 😵
great with alcohol 🍺

Anything is good with alcohol, that's why they serve you a shot when you order rotten icelandic shark:ákarl

Posted using Partiko Android

lol yes. a lot of korean food is served rotten too.
some rotten fish here.
i wouldn't have it everyday but it's actually not too bad 😵

외쿡분들 뻔데기 보면 D3 해머 맞고 기절합니당~ㅋ

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ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 이정도는 아무것도 아닌데 말이죵

순대 곱창 대창 막창 똥집 내장탕 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Posted using Partiko Android

크~ 매우 조아요 🐻 🍺

!BEER 토큰은 없지만... ㅋㅋ 맥주 그림이라도 보여주징~ㅋㅋ

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앗~! 이미 먼저 보내주신 분이 있었네용~ㅋ
뻘댓글 미안합니당~ㅋ ㅠ

Posted using Partiko Android

ㅎㅎㅎ 이런 재미난 토큰들이 많아야할텐데요 😎 🍺

완전 재미나요~ 흥해랏~ㅋㅋ

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You're good. That animator is giving me headaches just looking at it :)

This is good insight into how games our made. I've never seen this before.

thanks man. it's also giving me some views on youtube. hopefully i'll get more :)
gotta keep going!

Best of luck.

very amazing looking like that is cool too 😄- and what is the name of the food?

Posted using Partiko Android

some kinda of larva i dunno the name. but it's good 😋

What larva?😫

Posted using Partiko Android

i have no idea lol

I think I wouldn't try it without knowing the larva type xD

i'm gonna have zerglings growing inside

That food looks very yummy 😍😍😍 Have a nice day!

Posted using Partiko Android

haha yes. it's yummy to me but it's definitely not for everyone 😵

Is that spicy???

Posted using Partiko Android

the sauce is slightly. it's mostly protein.

Wow I like it. Protein Is Life 😍

Posted using Partiko Android

lol life literally springs out of those things

i like your work !! what is this food?

thanks! it's larva 🐻
tastes chewy and nice

More strength to continue

yes gotta keep going

What is the name of that food? It looks like something, I don't know... Have a nice day ahead or night.. No beer today.. good.

it's 뻔데기. i dunno its english name. it's just some larva 😋

I think it's I dunno too jejeje.

Posted using Partiko Android

What food is that?

Posted using Partiko Android

some sort of larva. very good 👍

Interesting 🤪

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @roundbeargames, how are u doing? I see your video game more perfect with the movement of running and spinning. Wow ... I like watching it. Regarding food ... it looks like a caterpillar. Is that good, friend? Have a nice day.

haha thank you. it's far from perfect but i just gotta keep working.
i'm happy that you're enjoying it. it is some kinda larva. it looks funky but tastes quite nice :)

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You really did a great work bro, keep up the good work..

Posted using Partiko Android

First, these few days has been watching your Vid in the car while transporting. Been busy travelling in and out. Absolutely love the price of Persia overshoot, brake and reverse 😂

Secondly, aren't those roach? 😅

Posted using Partiko Android

Be careful while driving cuz my videos will help you fall asleep 😨

Theyre not roaches but some kinda larva.. I dunno exactly myself other than knowing that they pop in your mouth and are quite good.

Hard working. Delicious Food :O

thank you :)
gotta keep working

started margin few videos into one post on steem :D
it all looks good, and sure you could always tweak something. looking forward to see how the AI is done.

i could probably not eat that, maybe if i was starving :D

it's certainly not for everyone lol
i dunno man. some people might choose to starve 🤨

well i have enough fat to melt so it would be some time before starving :D

lol i think i'm gonna die of fat before starving.

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Excellent post.very very good food my friend @roundbeargames I'm using steemit first, please support me and follow me

I am also happy to see the progress of the project day by day 😁. I've never seen the food, what is the name 😂😂

i only know the korean name lol
some larva. it's good :)

고추가 들었네요.ㅎㅎ
술 어디에 숨기셨어요.ㅋㅋ

ㅋㅋㅋ 요 며칠간은 안먹었네요
여유 생기면 또 한잔 해야죠

Hello @roundbeargames
your work is also one king of art. every one can not make codes like you haha. Congratulation for your basic mechanics. Have a nice day my friend...

thanks brother but i'm not an artist 😔
have a good day

Awesome bro, youre having more confident with yourself. I'm sure you can create miracle soon 😁
By the way, those larva looks like cicadas to me 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks! Ok they might be but i reallyhave no idea 😂 i just enjoy them

That food does not look appetizing.

lol it does to me 🐻

Thats larva? Are you kidding! i was see in discovery channal Bear Grils eat like this kind is larva. !!

Lol yes. but theres nothing wild about this. This is processed food 😂
But yea its not for everyone!

I just came across this post. I'll come often to read about updates of your games development... In fact I love 3D related things.

Posted using Partiko Android

a big thanks for stopping by! :)
stay awhile and listen

What kind of larva are those? Are they going to be beautiful butterflies? Do they taste like chicken?

lol they taste nothing like chicken and i don't really know what they are. but it's pretty good 😋

Which one is your favourite? Steamed larva, grill larva, larva salad, or crispy fried larva?. 😃

Good job you can move to left to the right. You are so talented Sir.

Posted using Partiko Android

it doesn't take much to go left and right but thanks! 😁

That's a comment of being no knowledge of what you are actually doing but I'm so happy seeing a tiny human like moving.

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just like me too, at first I wasn't confident in a work of art, but I had to think about being able to continue working

yes but i guess it's fine as long as it's original :)

keep doing your best, even if you have to finish the big one first

thank you. i'll keep going :)

@roundbeargames, When we put out our own creativity in the world it receives Recognition because it's your art and you are taking small but effective steps to build this art like, putting one by one brick to build ultimate home.

Wishing you success ahead and stay blessed brother.

Posted using Partiko Android

thanks brother. i'm not creative at all but i guess it's fine as long as it's my own work lol
you're absolutely right. one brick at a time!
stay blessed!

Welcome and have a joyful time ahead.

Scratching takes time, every time it is also supposed to be noticed and solve the big things first

gotta keep polishing :)

Buenos días amigo roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , que bueno que su proyecto cada vez va más adelantado amigo. Que contiene esa comida amigo ya que es rara ? Que tenga un feliz día amigo.

it's actually common food here lol
i don't exactly know what it is but i've been enjoying it all my life 😨
have a good day my friend

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