Emissive Lighting | 먹고 개발하고 반복

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Looks good and thanks for doing the GIF's.

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thanks for watching the gifs!

밤에 먹는 족발 맛이 쥐기지요~.
아주 그냥 주겨줘요~~~~.

ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 이거.. 대학생때 술먹고 자주 불렀던 기억이..! 🍺

Buen dia,espero este bien,muy buena su comida,se ve deliciosa que haya disfrutado,amigo le invito a leer un escrito que acabo de publicar,venezuela en la calle,creo que hoy se dara el golpe de estado,estamos decididos a salir ya de esto,saludos y feliz dia.

oh wow a coup d'état?!
i will go read it. stay safe.

소주는 어디있죠? ㅎㅎ

이날은 아쉽게도 콜라만 먹었습니다만.. ㅋㅋㅋ
저 은근 자주 안마심요 ㅋㅋㅋ

yes you have to keep going, by the way the food looks really good😋

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yes i do!
and food makes me go 🐻


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I believe soon, I am going to learn how to make games from you

i hope you can do it :)
it's a big challenge!

Now only no watch this. So which means the game you originally make, that in the castle, we can indicate the light source from those torch 🤣🤣🤣

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haha yes it's basically the same technique, just different 3d assets.
i can always switch around the artwork 😁

You are right, friend ... lighting is very quality determines a video ... I am not a fan of games so I will not comment much here. I am interested in your food menu which I think is too much and looks very delicious. .wow ... is it Korean cuisine? it must be very delicious ... I have never eaten Korean food ... because in my area there is no Korean restaurant. . Enjoy your day, friend ..

thanks! games can be complicated. but taste isn't! 😆
let's hope one day we'll enjoy each others food.
have a great tuesday!

Light is one of the essential. Totally agreed.

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your blog is awesome! Thank's for sharing your skills! I'm following for more!

thanks for stopping by!
will follow back 😄

Good evening @roundbeargames 😊

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Ooooo!!!! i haven't words to say!!! what a wonderful movement and food!!!

haha thanks for coming my friend.
beautiful food from an ugly animal!

That is great.
I am interested in the food like so delicious. Lol😋

thank you :)
it seems like people are more interested in the food lol

yes, without food we cannot think of creating something great, like the application that you created

i missed this. finally something i do understand :D i did some 3d in lightwave when 512mb of ram was good :D
i just have no idea how will you connect all this parts you do all in one. i would totally be lost.

well a lot of times i forget what i've done a week ago lol
but it's also why it's important to build something clean and manageable 😆

족발 좋아하시는군요! 소주 한잔이 필요해 보입니다. 뭐 맥주도 나쁘지는 않지만..

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ㅎㅎ 결국 어제 위스키 마심요 ^ㅅ^


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Hmm, green light = GO, red light =STOP @roubdbeargames bro?☝

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haha i guess so? 😆
i'm also thinking about random colors

That lighting looks pretty good, I like it 👍!

thanks! i like it too. unity has come a long way :)

족을 발려먹어야 해서 족발~! ㅋㅋ

5월 힘차게 출바~아아아아~아~알~!
행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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ㅎㅎㅎ 족발은 꼬들꼬들하고 기름기 있는 부위가 제맛이죠 ^ㅅ^
곧 주말인데 잘쉬세요~!

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De verdad que si @roundbeargames despúes de una larga jornada de trabajo no hay mejor recompensa que disfrutar de buena comida. Saludos y esperemos las cosas mejoren para nosotros los [email protected] ya que hoy Lunes amanecimos con lo que aparentemente es un intento de Golpe de Estado para salir de este régimen que tiene a todo un pueblo sufriendo por sus malas decisiones

yes i heard about the coup. i'm worried because coups usually end up with another dictator.
but i hope things improve for you.
have a nice weekend :)

I have no knowledge about the first topic, but,,,, the cheat time is the best part. food for life and I'm so happy there is no whisky at all.
Have a nice day Sir.

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haha i don't have much knowledge either. i just do what i like.
unfortunately i had some whisky last night :)

Oh for a good sleep right?

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족발=발발 ... 정말 그렇네요^^

ㅎㅎ 네 이거 쓰다가 생각해보니 족발 단어 자체에는 돼지라는 의미가 없네요 ㅎㅎ;;

keep the spirit of creation while enjoying a favorite dish

Have a good activity @roundbeargames
Have a nice day

yes gotta keep going and keep rewarding myself haha
enjoy your weekend!

The top red green lighting looks beautiful Have a nice day :-)

thanks man. you have a good day too!

quite interesting also this simple tutorial ... you are very good at doing it. have a nice day, friend 😊😀

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thank you. i'm glad you find it interesting :)
have a nice weekend my friend

@roundbeargames, That GIF is literally reflecting the Ramp Walk by Artificial Intelligence. 😁😁

And definitely you've gifted yourself with giant foodie time. Ha ha 😆

Stay blessed brother.

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haha i'll have some complex ai soon. that's one big missing piece right now.

Fun to hear that. Good wishes from my side brother.

There is way too much to keep in mind when developing and lighting makes a big difference, but I say just screw it. There is so much to learn about games and animation my head is going to explode.

haha yes my head has exploded many times already 😆

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I love this part of lighting... making my eyes immediately fixed without paying attention to the two figures below.

Yummy the food

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thank you. i'm happy that you like it :)
food was good too!

You are braver than the browser to record it all for others to learn from your journey!

thanks man. i actually had to muster up some courage before i decided open up everything :)

I am interested in some of the food in your photo, it looks very delicious

it's one of my favorites :)

I don't understand from that video, is it from a life?

i don't understand the question. it's a light test :)

interesting also with what I have seen,

Hello @roundbeargames
sorry for late reply but this lighting make me to replay you.
Beautiful coding and awesome combination of red and green.
Nice video my friend. thanks for share with us...

actually i am very busy with my daily life. so i didnt get much time for reaf your blog . sorry for this.. now i am totally free and maybe strat bloging. thanks for your support and best of luck for your game.

Buenos días @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien amigo, se ve divino ese menús .

초록불과 빨간불 사이에서만 왔다갔다하네요~^^
신기해요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

ㅎㅎ 네 이건 그냥 빛깔 테스트~

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