I have actually been wondering or you have left steemit also but I am happy my thinking is wrong

lol it's only been a few days :)

Unfortunately I know the feeling of "horribly fucking up your diet" too well 😅
I don't know why, but now in summer, I also tend to get lazy.

Lol i guess we all do 😂
Ill start again soon

크핫~ 새벽에 ㅋㅋ 물마시고 자야겠당~ㅋㅋ
하면서도 아직 계속 폰을 들고 있음~ㅋㅋ

수고 많으셨어요~

스테이킹 토큰 중 다양한 주제 별도로 제한없이 사용가능한 태그 #palnet #zzan 괜춘 권장합니당~!
큐레이션 받은 토큰으로 스테이킹해서 큐레이션하면 선순환 응원으로 더욱 좋아요~

행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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ㅎㅎㅎ 좀 맵더라고여.. 며칠전 사진인데 이거 먹고 담날도 고생했어요 😅
오늘도 내일도 화이팅해요~

앗 몇일전 시진이었군요~ㅋ

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Hello @roundbeargames, how are you doing? I didn't see your posts for 4 days. Yes ... I understand your busy life. I am really very interested in the food section. It gave rise to my tastes rather than videos. it looks like the Chinese food you are displaying today is very delicious. And the marinade is thick and spicy. I like thick sensations. Enjoy your day, sir.

yes i've been a little busy recently 😂
it was very thick and spicy. maybe a little too much for me. it was still quite nice.
have a good day!

오!!! 오늘 무지 푸짐하신데요.
30분뒤에 맥주한캔 드시라고 거기로 트리플 배달 갈겁니다.ㅋㅋ

ㅋㅋㅋ 이날 맥주도 먹었던거 같은데 사진엔 안나왔네요 😂 🍻

nice to see you back. and i will be back after 17 july.
Thanks for everything.

good to see you too. good luck on your exams! 👍 is very delicious food. Is it your wife cooked , Sir? I like vegetables with thick sauce. Have a good day too, Sir.

no we rarely cook :)
it was ordered 🐻 🍻 👍
have a good day!

I see all your videos and try to learn coding. Thanks, Have a Good Day. :-)

well good luck cuz it ain't easy! 😂

Espero logre el exito que busca en su gran trabajo amigo,el menu muy variado y balanceado,estan casi todos los grupos alimenticios,espero haya disfrutado,feliz tarde y saludos

i wish you success too :)
food was a little too spicy for me but it was nice

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I like the video and also I like the food. :)))

thanks friend 😎

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Buenas noches amigo le deseo que se encuentre bien. Se ve muy bien ese menú pero faltó la cerveza en la mesa amigo. Feliz inicio de semana y que tenga una feliz noche.

good to see you amigo. have a great tuesday!


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New vid😁 and yummy looking food👍

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yes new vid :) i've been away for a few days.
have a good day!

Thanks and hope you have a great day to.

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Good morning @roundbeargames... That food looks so yummy.

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lol yes. it's chinese food. i like it :)

Looking at the video if it was complicated for me even though I had to click here and there😊, well I was very impressed with your game, have a nice day

Posted using Partiko Android

thank you. in the end it'll be a simple playable game :)


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Does this Chinese food prevent your diet ...😂😂😂😂

yes it prevents a lot of things 😧
like good health

Dude, your coding skill is marvelous, but your "food section" is 10x more attractive than your coding skill 😂😂😂

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lol that dish is becoming increasingly popular in korea. i wouldn't say its one of my favorites tho. but still very nice

결국 실패하신 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

ㅎㅎ 네..
그래도 조만간 다시 시도해야겠습니다 😂

Hello @roundbeargames Nice video my friend. you looks awesome. you didn't answer me why you always wear hat in your each video. by the way it looks nice. Delicious food my friend. have a nice day.

i already told you. i'm losing my hair 😶

ohh sorry..

hahaha is that you are the boy of the video games and the one that has the section of healthy and not so healthy food 😂

well i never called it a healthy section :)
it's just food that i like 🐻

the photo of the food looked really good, I got hungry and wanted to get the plate immediately 🍽️🥘🍛 😁

lol ok i guess i've succeeded 🐻 🍻 👍

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@roundbeargames, In my opinion when it comes to food it's difficult sometimes to stop our craving. 😁

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed brother.

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You see now I feel guilty, because it’s really hard to eat while you are stood in front of hot coffee roaster. All I get to do all day is drink coffee and what it turn from green to brown in the roaster.

I’m sure at home it’s hard with all the distractions and calling of delicious food to get work done - you seem to manage quiet well though - some definite skills going on. Looking forward to seeing more progress updates on the game.

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I love your foods..

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