You must really like meat

The simplest the better for your diet bro 😀

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haha yes. unfortunately this was taken a few days ago and i've already fucked up my diet 😅

Happy midweek @roundbeargames! Try Meat, salt and Pepper. Cheers!

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shit i actually did have a bit of pepper there too 😂

저도 기본에 충실한게 최선이라고 생각합니다. 기본이 탄탄해야 응용도 할 수 있으니까요.

흐흐 네. 기본기를 잘 다지며 꾸준히 해야겠슴다 😀

잘 하시고 계세요. 화이팅!

Yes, You are right.. simple is nice. Like ur video and your food.. It looks very simple. Happy midweek for you too my friend.

yes simple is nice :)
thanks for coming. have a good day!

Hi sir, how are u doing? I like watching your videos. Although simple but quite comfortable to watch. Regarding food, are you steaming meat? Only meat and salt? It's the simplest dish. I think it's suitable for your diet, friend ... Enjoy your day, Happy midweek too.

doing good thanks. i'm glad you like them.
yes it's just meat and salt. very simple :)

I think this is very good and it's not wrong to try both.
Moreover, while enjoying the food you serve.

thank you. i'm enjoying quite a simple life right now :)
and gotta keep working

기본에 충실한 미니멀리즘 완전 흔들리지 않는

오오오오오 에어 프라이어 ♬♬

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미니멀한게 좋은거같아요 ㅎㅎ
우리모두 부자가되는 그날까지~

Simplicity has originality, Make over is fake

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Excellent work with delicious food = perfect day!!!!

i dunno about perfect but it was good 😀

simple is alwasy better then others ....nice to see you man.

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good to see you here :)
simplicity is good

Perfect taste, I really love meat with salt before with no spices at all.

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yes it's nice with just meat and salt :)

EXcelente trabajo y deliciosa comida,me imagino es al vapor,sudado,acompañadacon papas salcochadas delicioso,saludos querido amigo,agradecida por sus amables visitas,su apoyo me es de mucha ayuda,Dios lo cuide

thank you. i didn't have any potatoes that day but i enjoy them quite often.
have a good day!

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What are you making in the pot?

it's just some pork. i'm not really making anything :)

Hehe... I thought there's something more to that!

Nope nothing else 🐻

Sometimes, the simplest thing looks better than something that requires a lot of production.

well simple things require lots of production too 🤣

Simple is often better.

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Why don't you try to make artistic 3D graphics, of course it will be exciting😄

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i've tried.
i'm just not very good at it 😂

You know I also tried to draw 3d, but it wasn't because I was lazy😂, so it could be @roundanitagames 😂😂🙈

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i meant 3d graphics. you can't draw 3d 🤣

Yes you're right

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Not simple is hungry..

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don't understand

"I like it when simple things look nice" Samee I like it that even when a thing is simple it can look really nice!

Pffft simple food is still good food~

yes simple things but there's also subtle details 😎
i like your art

Good Work. What is this meat? I love to eat meat But cook with spices.

it's pork. sometimes i like spicy things too :)

Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien. Qué bien que cada día valla avanzando en su proyecto. La carne se ve buena amigo. Que tenga un feliz día.

it was a decent meal :) i hope you're enjoying your thursday my friend.

This is A simple scene but lots of coding behind this. you explain it beautifully by this video. Thanks for share with us my friend. have a nice day.

well this is just setting up a few things 🤣
have a good day!

Air fryer food can be really healthy. But how long did you "fry" those meat? Will it be hard to chew?

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i think i did it for 12 mins. it wasn't hard or dry. that'd mean it's overcooked or something :)

Sound about right then. Assume 200'c temperature. I'm gonna give it a try this weekend 🙂

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I was using 180c. 200 seemed a bit too much

Noted! Lemme give it a try 180 for 12 minutes! I will tag you when I post it 😂 thanks buddy

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simplicity is beautiful and the beautiful and good thing does not always have to be luxurious 😊

Enjoy your day @roundbeargames

yes simplicity is good :)

@roundbeargames, If we do basics right then we will be creating strong foundations which will help us to mould into ourselves into stronger being and we can then process complex stuff. Stay blessed.

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thanks a good base is everything 😀
stay blessed brother

Welcome and thank you so much brother. Have a pleasant time ahead.

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And a simple scene with Simple food

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all about simplicity :)

#73 update already man, time flies! Haven't been posted recently myself, but I'm still interacting with the chain every single day. Cool to still seeing you around. I hope those meat wasn't meant to be served like that lol.

yea man i've been going pretty hard. trying to do one video per day.
i've missed the recent 3 days becuz i've been busy but i'll start the engine again :)

the meat is cooked after the photo lol. then i was too busy eating 🐻

What meat is it, suitable for cooking with noodles 😂😂😅😆

it's pork. a lot of things go well with noodles! 😀

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