Something Dungeons: Backend/Leaderboard and a "new" Character!

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Just very quick:


I've set up a little server to manage a database and a very rudimentary API. When you now play the game, your progress can be saved, but only if you reach one of the checkpoint rooms. Decent as deep as possible into the dungeon to climb up the leaderboard.

New Character


It's not really a new character unfortunately. It's just a copy of the existing main character. But it's a new mechanic, that introduces first elements of asynchronous multiplayer. When you reach the deepest dungeon that was ever reached by other players, you need to fight against one of them. The "AI" controlled guard has this players items and stats. The behaviour is currently not the smartest but kind of works. It tries to kill you and if you don't pay attention it is quite effective.

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Very cool stuff you're working on!

Thank you! It's a lot of fun to make it. :) How are you?

I'm good :)
How are you?

Also very good. Gamedev gives me a lot of satisfaction. More than every job I ever had. :D

Awesome! Good to hear :)