Gaamit - Steemit-based open source platform to support indie game developers

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Hi everyone,

Me and @mikepicker are so glad to present to this awesome community our upcoming work dedicated to Steemit: Gaamit.

In our spare time, we design and develop small video games. We actively follow indie game developers on the major social media, and we know very well their struggle:

Indie Game Developers are constantly looking for support from their fans in order to be able to keep doing what they love: making games.

After some research, we found out that platforms like Patreon or ko-fi don't work very well for them, since it is quite hard to convince people to join and make donations for their progress. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to keep the page up-to-date, send gifts to fans, spam on websites for a bunch of bucks..


This is the main motivation behind Gaamit: support indiedevs in an easy and innovative way.

We love Steemit, we really do, therefore we've decided to completely base Gaamit on Steemit.

Developers will be able to create a simple profile page on Gaamit, post their gamedev activities (through Steemit API's), engage with their fans and with other developers while getting a revenue out of it thanks to Steemit. On the other hand, fans will be able to follow their favorite developers while getting a revenue too.


The aim is to bring a big part of this big community to Steemit, and we are very confident about that since a huge number of developers are currently flooding Twitter and Facebook with their images, videos, gifs and so on about their amazing creations.

We consider video games a modern form of art, and we firmly believe that Gaamit can actively contribute to Steemit value. Furthermore, developers are literally and costantly giving away part of the value they produce to the major social networks... and we don't like that! Our mission is to get that value back to them :)

We are in the very early phase of development, but we will keep you informed here on Steemit. All the code is available on Github for you to review it.

Gaamit is a project being developed in Italy by two italian dudes :)

Bonus image - Early phase screenshot



Fascinating!! Im also an indie dev. I want to support your project and i will contribute if i got a chance!

I see that you cite us into your post. Do you want to help us to expand also in korea?

Right, I just have introduced your project to Koreans because it looks so fascinating.
I think I can report the progress of the project occasionally for Koreans as I will keep watching your project.
(but I dont have no community power enough to spread your project yet)

Thanks for your support. We really appreciate your help :)

Wow that looks great! I studied up some game programming in school, but I never took it to production. This just might be the spark to get me started up again! Following, looking forward to the updates!

Another aim of this project is to bring back who has left the game developing :) Stay tuned!!!

Excellent Idea, I have been a game developer since 2010, and am currently working on a MMO. I was hoping that in the future when we receive funding to have it be via 100% Cryptocurrency. Its just easier. And would be awesome.

I really like this and will be paying attention to it in the future.

Hi we've created a specific account for the project @gaamit take a look.

Interesting concept, the name makes me think "damnit" though. I hope to see your project do well though and love that it's open source. Good luck!

ahahah indeed, we might leverage this coincidence for marketing purposes :)

It's a great cause You're doing here for us little developers. Im about to start my Game design and development studies in University, and Im sure I'd like to have this platform when Im ready to create Games. Keep up the good work boys!
"Never settle"

Thanks a lot! Indeed, this project is just for you :) Follow us for getting all the updates

Great project! As always I believe in you! :)

Thank you honey :)

As an addition, try look at #gamedev hashtag on Twitter. We want to bring the game developers and fans on Steemit!

Great idea! As I can see it's web based project. This is amazing way of funding project. WAITING! If someone want to check out my current game that I'm making, check out my profile :D

Nice post..
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good job. I wanna play games and win some steem dollars if it possible.

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