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Another update! In this clip we show a few new things.

First, we extended the AI so the monster will have a min and max range. If the player is too close the monster will now retreat until it gets back out into its attack range. If the player is too far it will chase still until it is in attack range. In attack range of course it just attacks.

In addition to this AI update. We added the attack animation and projectile throwing for the imps. Which you can see here. We also made a death and hit animation, but those will have to be shown later.

And to finish it off we learned a bunch about the niagara particle system and built some effects for the imp. Swirly rocks, smoke and embers.

The imp is in a pretty good state at this point. So we'll probably start working on more game systems now and focus a little more on Eddy.

Really enjoying the Unreal Engine at this point. Think we made the right choice.