Sergey Sholom Becomes CEO of GameCredits

in gamecredits •  2 years ago

Recently, GameCredits Inc appointed Sergey Sholom as CEO of the company. Over the last couple of months our team has been working nonstop to bring numerous GameCredits products to market. Leading many of these developments has been Sergey Sholom (previously our VP of Business Development). Keeping the future of our community and company in mind we decided to appoint Sergey as CEO to help guide us through the exciting future ahead.

GameCredits Livestream Friday June 23rd

When we decided to enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, we knew GameCredits would help cryptocurrency reach mass adoption through gamers. Since then, we have focused on creating products with definitive value for gamers, game developers, investors, and the company. The recent success with MobileGo shows the worldwide support of this company and project.

On Friday June 23rd 8:00 AM CET Sergey Sholom will host a livestream covering recent developments. During this livestream we will announce one the big upcoming events affecting GameCredits and & MobileGo. We continue to work hard to deliver everything we’ve aimed for, so be sure to join us Friday!

The stream is hosted early in the morning U.S. time to cater to our large and fast growing Asian community. If you cannot make it, be sure to watch the recording!

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