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On this occasion, we are still discussing the potential and the latest crypto projects. This project is game and NFT-based. What is this project? This project has the name "ELDEN KNIGHTS".

ELDEN KNIGHTS is a P2E crypto project founded and supported by experienced Developers and Influencers.

It's an honor for the team to share with all of you an exciting evolutionary plan to develop with the help of the great community, the biggest and most addictive NFT game, namely Elden Knights.

Brought to you by Ethereum, ELDEN KNIGHTS uses the non-interchangeable characteristics of ERC721 to represent the decentralized ownership of playable characters and in-game assets.

The game runs on the game a model that rewards players for their time and progress with $KNIGHTS tokens, which can be traded for or from other crypto assets, and used within its ecosystem to trade in-game assets between players.

Analyzing Games

The Mystical Island of Elvoy lies in a hidden valley. It is home to the most unique creatures, resources, and powers. The citizens have lived in peace for centuries, isolated from the towering evil forces of the Land. However, things will take a turn for the worse.

The Dark Lord Kaiden and his army are getting stronger by the day. To conquer the Metaverse, they aim for Elvoy to get to the puzzle piece that was lost in their conquest. Deep within the Village Temple, the Orb of Kitera is located.

Legend has it, the orb is the source of the power of the entire Metaverse, whoever awakens the ball will be granted unlimited power. Lord Kaiden would be truly unstoppable if he succeeded.

The main objective of the game is to become an unstoppable warrior, through training and farming activities. And finally, defeat Lord Kaiden and his entourage to bring peace to Elvoy. Players will receive their in-game character 1:1 with NFT purchases. Each character is unique in appearance and basic stats.

After receiving their character in Elvoy, players will be able to practice their skills, upgrade their weapons and gear, and upgrade crafts to use for PVP. Throughout the development journey, with every achievement and win, they are rewarded with $KNIGHTS tokens.

Elden Knights, at its core, will be an advanced Play to Earn Game developed and supported by Veteran Developers and Influencers. It will be built to deliver fluid action and stunning animation that parallels the player experience of any AAA title.

The benefits of crypto gaming offer players the unique ability to take complete control of their assets and influence the development of the game. Money invested in the game is never a sunk fee as opposed to traditional games, players will be able to easily sell their characters and assets in our NFT Market for our tokens to exit.

This project combines elements of DeFi and NFT Gaming to create the most advanced RPG Game. Join the Elden Knights on a journey to develop a beautifully crafted story and NFT Gaming mechanics that open up tons of possibilities for making a living playing your favorite games.



Players will be able to train their characters and upon completing each level, rewards in the forms of $KNIGHTS token and in-game items will be awarded. In-game items can be sold and traded in the Marketplace.


The in-game crafting mechanism will allow the players to create in-game items after gathering the required inputs. Craftable items include gears, weapons, and accessories, which all can be traded in the marketplace.


With each win in either PVP or Event based battles, players will be awarded rare in-game items as well as $KNIGHTS tokens. PVP battles will include a wager function, observers will be able to place bets on their favorite fighters, similar to traditional sports bets. Battle reward items are tradable amongst players in the marketplace.


Successfully defending their title and rank on several pre-established timelines (week/month/all-time) will yield the player a handsome reward in the form of $KNIGHTS token or unique in-game assets through an airdrop.

Genesis NFT

Made with the most advanced design that will be implemented in the game, there will only be a total of 2222 Genesis NFTs. But the happiness is that every NFT holder will get the following benefits:

Play2Earn Game Access

Only the Genesis NFT owners can access Elvoy, the play2earn game, initially. Genesis NFT holders are the only people that can create additional tradable user keys for the game in the future.

Access to DAO

The DAO will be controlled by each Genesis NFT owner and in turn, extend control of 10% of the total raised funds. Elvoy DAO will incorporate a voting structure to truly shape the future of the project in a decentralized manner. Such decisions will include marketing campaigns, game development, partnerships, subsequent NFT minting, fund usage, and so on.

Value Appreciation

Both features are designed to incentivize NFT holding. A 6% fee applies to each NFT transaction after fair mint. Of which 2% is redistributed to the holders while the other 2% is used to fund the NFT floor sweeping repurchase program and 2% goes towards the Community Trust Fund. We anticipate there will be a significant appreciation of the value of NFTs.

Additional NFT & $KNIGHTS Airdrop

Before the release of the game, a snapshot will be taken and free pet or companion NFTs will be airdropped to the NFT holders. Airdrop of $KNIGHTS token (in-game currency) will also be conducted in the same manner.

NFT Lending

The true beauty of NFT ownership and power of Web3. We present you with an alternative method to generate passive income on NFTs when the owners are not playing the game. The lending will take place between 2 parties on our NFT Lending Platform, where lenders and borrowers select the duration. The fee to borrow is determined by availability and terms, while the security deposit is based on the multiple values of the NFT.

Exclusive Merchandise

ELDEN branded merch will be available for the public. However, we save the best for our NFT holders only. In addition to the typical clothing, graphics, mugs, and so on. We are also planning on creating figurines that are designed to mimic each NFT. Proceeds will be allocated to the Community Trust Fund.


Quick Conclusion

A summary of the basic information that became the description above, hopefully, will be knowledge for you about the Elden Knight project. This super fun project aims to be the biggest Play to Earn Game developed and supported by Veteran Developers and Influencers.

Apart from that, there is also a crypto gaming benefit that offers players unique abilities to take full control of their assets and influence the development of the game.

The skilled graphic designers of the Elden Knight team have created a trailer to tease the community and show what can be made together.

All information about the project can be visited here:

As for the author, here:

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