World of Warcraft: how many people want to join the Pirates of blood sails? 魔兽世界:有几个人想加入血帆海盗?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Booty Bay is located in the valley of thorns and the sea place here, surrounded by mountains on three sides, forming a natural barrier to Stranglethorn Booty Bay Road is a carved out of the mountain tunnel, the tunnel with planks is neat, dry and comfortable, warm wind blowing from the other side of the sea tunnel. This way, for busy adventurers have to say is a rare pleasure.

In the horseshoe shaped Bay, the mountain is built up with wooden houses. People from different camps and races come in and out in some houses. There are gambling, trading goods and hired killers. Here, as long as you can afford money, everything is there.
The control is the black water Pirates of the goblin. In their eyes, there are no good or evil, no right or wrong, some are just interests. They put the large amount of money and property they have to get here to trade, so the Tibetan treasure Bay is named after that.

Adventurers have received to the pirates rivals Bloodsail undercover at, here, adventurers through hardships from a seaman has been promoted to captain recruits, but the pirates there asked adventurers to unwarranted charges were his Bloodsail to cut its power, when back to find Black Pirate Booty Bay the report on the situation, Bloodsail know in advance the attack deception.

The adventurer's help, Bloodsail was repulsed, at the same time, the pirates head Weijiazi requirements adventure alone to kill the corsair Bloodsail leader Phil Helen, but at this moment, treasure bay to the pirate ship artillery fire......
In the end, the Pirates of the black water were a bit of a conscience and picked up a comatose adventurer on the sea.
If the task can be chosen to be the captain of the sails, the captain of the pirate will attack the bay of Tibet, and the adventurers will be willing to accept it.








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