Streaming on!!!!

in game •  5 months ago

Hello everyone. DTube hasn't worked well for gaming. It's a reality but was fun to give a new thing a try. So, I'm not uploading to DTube anymore (time constraints too). However, please do come over to and have some fun watching me play games LIVE!

There's a great community for gaming on Twitch and I have so many awesome supports on my channel as well. Come on over and join the madness.

Right now, followers get a SpaceX space station launched in their name. I have about 192 done and 533 total to do! :o

See ya all there!

I also still upload to my YouTube channel videogamegeek1970. Right now, I'm uploading Skyrim and Fallout 4 streams so subscribers can watch those in 25-35 min slots.

Twitch Streaming Schedule as of 8-9-2018

All Times are USA Chicago time:
Saturday 5:30p to 9:30p
Sunday 5:30p to 9:30p
Tuesday 5:30p to 9:30p
Wednesday 5:30p to 9:30p
Thursday 5:30p to 9:30p

Off days are Friday and Monday

Times and days are subject to change without notice due to IRL stuff and things.

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