Thunder Trinity Arena Round 1

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Thunder Trinity Arena Round 1

Follow these three simple steps to bid for your Champion! Bids for your Champion will close 1/5/19

Step One

Choose your champion from the three listed below:

Warrior - Tough and skilled with heavy weapons and armor.
Rogue - Stealthy and skilled in ranged and assassination tactics.
Mage - Master of magic and controlling the elements.

Step Two

Send your appropriate bid to the proper address below with your champion class choice in the memo (Warrior, Rogue, Mage).

STEEM5-50 STEEM@thundercurator
KRYPTONIA/KBLOG100-50,000 SUP@entrepreneur916

The Champions that are victorious will receive a 2:1 payout, meaning if you bid 20 STEEM, you will receive your original 20 STEEM back PLUS 40 additional STEEM.

Step Three

Tune in to our livestream as the winning Champion is crowned! Livestream url will be posted to this thread and results will be in a community spreadsheet.

That's it!

What is "Thunder Trinity Arena"?

See the game announcement post here


I'll get the ball rolling...

Been a long time my friend, hope you are well. Things have been crazy here with business. We definitely need to connect again soon. How has your projects been going? How has your training been?

It has...

Things are... okay. Like you and the Bunny, I've had my own injuries to deal with... I haven't trained properly for 8 months now. I've got Climber's Elbow which I'm struggling to get rid of...

Projects are going well... slowly but surely. Coding takes a while to learn, but it's fun though.

I am sorry about your training, I had to take a bit of time off as well to have a bit more time on another venture I am undertaking. However, back on track only after a few weeks. Going to be diving into some coding and blockchain work myself this next new year, let me know if I can help at all with your projects (with my limited knowledge, lol)

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