Powerful Tricks of PES 2017

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A powerful trick to be invincible while playing the latest pro evolution soccer game 2017, for those of you who have been hard in the game against your friends please read some of the following tricks so you are good at playing the game pesnya.

Always winning in the game of pes game is not easy, but if we already know some tricks pes pes 2017 then you will be easier in defeating your enemies when playing either match, league or other competitions that if exist in this pes game.

Well, for my friend who wants to try to use the way Play PES 2017 To Always Won the best friend should read this tutorial review to finish because here you will find the unique and secret tricks that exist in the latest pest games 2017.

Here are Some Powerful Ways to Always Win at PES 2017:
Tips and Tricks Survive In PES 2016:
Press X + L2, Useful for Pressing / Pressing opponent.
Press X + R2 + L2 simultaneously, Useful for shadowing and closing the opponent's movement.
Press X + R2 simultaneously, Useful to overshadow the movement of the opponent when the opponent has the ball.
Dribble Trick Tips (Picking Up Ball) In PES 2013-2017
Heel Chop: Hold L2 then point the right and left analogs together simultaneously
Ball Roll II: Hold L2 then point the analog right down and up.
Ball Roll I: Hold L2 then point the right analog down.
Front Flick: Hold L2, then press right analog and left analog to the top left.
Rainbow Flick: Hold L2 and press right analog 2 times.
Diagonal Bounce: Hold L2 then point analog right to left and left to right analog top.
Backheel Feint: Hold L2 and then rotate the right analog 1/4 circle from left to top and analog left to bottom.
Tips Penalty Penalty Kick (Penalty Shoot) In PES 2013-2017:

In the pinalty position you just press the box and you immediately remove and remember not too long because the ball will far off the goal, then wait until the player moves close to the ball and press the direction you want, hold the direction until the player finish kicking the ball.

Free Kick Trick Tips (Free Kick) In PES 2013-2017:
Point your players to the far corner of the goalpost from the goalkeeper.
Press and hold the downward direction button
Then press the box button until it passes half graphic power or about 60%.
After that as soon as possible you release the direction button and press X + Right or left direction (Depends where the position of the far post pole from the goalkeeper)
Crossing Tricks Tips (Cross Feeds) In PES 2013-2017
Press the O button, Useful for high gastric feed.
Press O + O + O button, Useful for fast flat bait
Press the O + O button, Useful for intermediate stomach feed.

tulah my latest review on how to play pes 2017 invincible hopefully useful for you who have not yet know the secret tricks, greeting pes mania :)


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