Player Unknown And Why I Suck At It

in #game4 years ago

The game is still as messed up as hell on Xbox One. It's blocky, the graphics transform what should be a lovely, lush landscape into something that looks like two-day old vomit. And you can't open doors with anything other than absolute in-your-face 'Here's Johnny!!!!' drama.

However, I don't think I will ever stop playing it. And I mean that.

I'm in the top 40 on a regular basis, which means I either don't suck or I'm very good at hiding. The latter seems to be true. I always get hit when running across a field or a plain, basically in full view. You could have severe myopia and be heavily drunk and still pick me off with a rifle.

But I will persist, and one day, one fine day, I will sit there on top of a hill or behind a building and pull off the one shot that gives me the number one spot in a Solo match.

One day...

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