Battlefield 4 Online, this is the easiest way to play online

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Battlefield 4 Online, this is the easiest way to play online.

1. 1st download premium version of battlefield 4 from this link

2. Then must download and install such as ZClient, ZLOrigin, Punkbuster(2.3 number) from this link register to this site otherwise you can't play online)

3. Punkbuster Must install to your computer because for online playing. 

4. After install this battlefield premium then install ZLOrigin into your C drive. You can install battlefield 4 to other drive but you have to install ZLOrigin to C drive.Do not install into Programme File(86) just save and intall into C drive.

5.Then Open ZLOrigin and copy whole file. Now go to your Battlefield 4 location where you install Battlefiled 4. Open battlefield 4 then go to _ZLOClientOrigin  this file and open this and paste your ZLOrigin file. replace that file. 

6. Now Cut ZClient and paste  _ZLOClientOrigin  into this file. replace it.

7. Open ZClient and access by your created account. Wait a minute for updating.

8.Now Open Origin.(run as administration)

9. Now go to application setting then advanced option. Just click on it then you can find two location. One change as location Battlefield 4  [such as (new folder 6/battlefield 4) but you have to select new folder 6]

10.Then for Number two location you have to create a new Folder into PROGRAME DATA. This new folder rename as a (zloemu) and save it. Now change to location as a zloemu where you save this file.

11. Now go to battlefield 4 click on download then wait 10-20 minutes for verification or it can be downloaded 100 mb for updating your Battlefield 4 premium. After verification successful then you cant play right now. Close all the file. And also see that your Origin,zclient should not run in the background. After checking this you go to _ZLOClientOrigin  this folder and reopen ZClient then Origin. Now you have to run this two in the background. In the origin you can see your game is ready click on play by origin when again say verification then cancel click to play just ignore verification. This message one time showing too you. Now browse server for playing online by going through multiplayer. 


Thanks for watching my video......

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