Play Battleships on Steemit [Beta]2018-04-03

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Play Battleships on steemit!


Game Details:

A randomized game board is created for each new round
The board is a 10x10 grid with rows labelled 0 - 9 and columns labelled A - J.

6 ships are placed randomly on the board

The ship distribution and size is as follows:

1x Carrier (5 spaces)
1x Battleship (4 spaces)
3x Cruiser (3 spaces)
1x Destroyer (2 spaces)

How to play:

1. Upvote/Resteem this post!
In order to participate, start by upvoting this post. Once you upvote you will have one chance to take a shot at our battleships. By Resteeming this post, you will earn two additional chances to play!
Upvote must be at least 0.01$ or 100% vote power! We need to build up some rewards on this post in order to pay for the prizes!

2. Read the comments!
Reading the comments might give you a good idea of which squares other players have checked for you, allowing you to aim more wisely!

3. Comment with your move!
Comment on this post with the name of a square on the board (e.g. A,5 ).
You will recieve a reply with the result of your shot.

4. Earn SBD rewards!
If you manage to hit one of our ships, you will recieve a share of the SBD payout from this post!

Notes about the game:

For those who wish to know more about the mechanics of this game, I have included this basic break-down of the finer details:

Chance to hit:

The ships fill up 20 spaces out of a possible 100, so the probability to hit on the first shot is 0.2

As the game goes on, the probability increases since there are less squares to shoot at.

Reward distribution:

Since there are 20 squares containing ships, each hit will be worth 5% of the total SBD payout from this post.


damn blast from the past used to have the board game those were the days

Your move could not be interpreted by our system!
Please select a cell on the grid by commenting the column and row separated by a comma
e.g. A,5


Thank you! You're the first player so far who's managed to follow the instructions XD


If you would like to participate in the game, please upvote the post. You can then make your move by replying to the post with your guess.

Example move: A,5


You have used all your turns!
Please wait for the next round to play again.




Sorry the response took so long! Still some bugs to work out.


The shot J,10. does not lie on the board! Please choose a cell in the range A,1 to J,9 and try again!


Hi @zerohour, Sorry to have to redirect you again but the bot only looks at direct replies to the original post. It seems this is something I'll have to fix in the next few rounds.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix that :)

Please Resteem the post to earn two more turns!

Did not compute.

Your move could not be interpreted by our system!
Please select a cell on the grid by commenting the column and row separated by a comma
e.g. A,5

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