Comprehensive Review of DRK DEX, DeFi Powered Decentralized Digital Assets Trading Platform

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Without any form of doubt , Decentralization is the future of Finance . 2020 has been a remarkable year in DeFi Industry . DeFi is performing excellently well amidst the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19 . The strength of DeFi in the global Fin-space cant be overlooked. The industry due to its transparent, decentralized and permissionless structure has attracted large number of investors which includes institutional investors and some large scale investors. There is steady and fast growth in the value of DeFi tokens and has increased by 250 percents ever since the inception o this new industry

Understanding the Concept of DeFi

DeFI system of operation is quite similar to that of the traditional financial institutions but the difference is Decentralization while the conventional financial institutions implements centralized system of operation. Another clear difference is that DeFi implements DApps in the its general operation which enable the system of operation basically autonomous ,permissionless and transparent . The Centralized financial institution uses human resources and Computer Apps which sees to the management of their operation.
The above enumerated features of DeFi allows the system to be trusted , embraced and totally adopted by large numbers of users and some iconic players in the global financial industry.As stated earlier, DeFi works just like normal financial industry . Services such as loan issuance, Checking account , Savings , Lending and borrowing ,Insurance and many more are being rendered in DeFi ecosystem through DApps and the governance token .

To cut the long description very short , i will going straight to the main topic of discussion which is based on A decentralized Finance (DeFi) powered blockchain platform , Decentralized Exchange and Entertainment platform known as DRAKEN platform . Draken foundation is an existing digital financial institution , the foundation has leveraged the benefits of blockchain technology into their organization to boost their standard of operation , Draken (DRK) is a huge DeFi blockchain ecosystem which comprises of varieties of blockchain services . DRAKEN Devs has developed one among the best cross chain Decentralized Exchanges which is enable interoperability of different blockchain trading system . Among the products offered by DRAKEN includes Draken Entertainment platform . A smart contract powered Gaming platform which allows gamers all over the world to stake games in a decentralized and transparent gaming ecosystem.

Draken DEX Platform

Without any doubt Decentralized exchanges (DEX) is the future of cryptocurrency exchanges. The history has revealed the alarming rate of attacks and hacks which has rocked the world of centralized exchanges. Some of these exchanges attacked by hackers were unable to survive , hence leading to traders and investors losing a great deal amount of funds while some were able to survive the attacks . DRK team are kind visionary team that sees future and they have developed a solution to the problem of hacks that is prevalent in the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, . The team has developed a perfectly working cross chain decentralized exchanges for the traders around the globe. DRK offers a simplified and user friendly cryptocurrency DEX where any class of traders can easily conduct their trading activities

DRK chain implements independent blockchain network to solve some associated problems in the exchanges industry . A well known popular blockchain network known as Ethereum till date still have

problem of scalability . The transaction speed is very low while the transaction cost is very expensive. The barriers sometimes discourages traders , sometimes slow network causes loss while trading due to high volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. DRK chain is the future and solution for all upcoming blockchain projects willing to build their DApps on a very reliable , efficient and promising network .
DRK Chain has capacity of handling u to 10,000 transaction per second . Unlike Ethereum network whose transaction charges is extremely high DRK network charges little or no cost on transactions. DRAKEN will contribute so much in the crypto currency Exchange ecosystem , the cross chain feature of the DEX allows blockchain networks interoperability . There is no trading limitation on the platform unlike some DEXs which offers single chain trading system . DRK DEX will allow trades of coins from different blockchain networks following the DRK chain Protocol.

There is dynamism in the system of trading . It offers broad trading system and traders can trade on Derivatives , margin trading , leverage trading and future trading . All these will be done in a decentralized system which will allow some elements of security , transparency and efficiency . DRK DEX bridge the gap between the conventional financial market and Cryptocurrency industry. DRK will offer varieties of trading services. As mentioned earlier, it will offer trading in derivatives which will allow users to trade in assets they don't really own .Users will be able to trade Derivatives like Forex, Stocks ,Commodities and more and they will be able to withdraw their earning at instant without any delay .

DRK Entertainment Ecosystem

DRK offers the world best decentralized gaming platform powered on Smart contract. If you are a game lover and never tried DRK gaming platform , you are missing a lot . The gaming platform is powered on DRK chain which allows higher transaction processing speed. Winning of the players are released at instant . The platform offer a lot of games in the platform. Traders who want to get refresh after a stressful day of trading can easily switch to th Gaming platform to enjoy some games and win some prices as well . Components of Draken DeFi Ecosystem

(a.) COIN SWAPS : DRK will offer coin swap services in their platform which will allow varieties of coin to be exchanged for one another using the cross chain DApps.

(b.) DRK LENDING ECOSYSTEM : DRK will offer a lending Ecosystem which will allow connect borrowers, lenders and investors together . The DRK Dapps will power this activity, hence giving no room for third parties intervention and enabling borrowers, lenders and investors to gain their various financial goals.

(c.) DRK LUNCHPAD :DRK support Startup businesses and entrepreneurs with innovation projects. New and existing projects will be able to raise funds using DRK Launchpad.

(d) DRK STACKING : DRK will offer a stacking platform which will enable investors to maximize profits.


DRK is a breakthrough blockchain network which offers solution to the industry problems . DRK DEX with cross chain feature and various trading services provided will attract large numbers of users within the shortest period of time . Every traders deserves comfort , security and profitability. DRK DEX all offers all these. DRK Chain will be an Haven to new projects who want to build their projects in a reliable and highly scalable network system . This is a very good blockchain project i ever come across .

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