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I started playing 0XUniverse about 2 weeks ago, after I won a 0.2 Eth prize from a Dapp.com giveaway.

I was overjoyed !

I decided the best way to celebrate was to use some of that new Ether to buy myself a crypto-collectible of some kind from one of the top games in Dapp.com' ranking.

I looked at exoplanets.io first... but the fact their presale was a game of hot potatoe, and the prices for the planets started at 0.15 Eth, made me look for something more "sane".

I wanted something that went with one of my most important charracter traits... my love of stories.

So when I saw 0Xuniverse, and saw that the legendaries all had stories attached to them, I became pretty interested.

Oh, it has the usual faults of blockchain games (transaction fees, lack of gameplay beyond the "buy and sell" mechanics).

But after looking at it a bit more, and seeing that you could discover more planets without investing anything more than the Eth necessary to buy you first Planet (and the Eth for transaction fees), I decided to take a chance.

Basic rules and my own experience

The basics of the game are simple:

  1. Buy/get gifted a planet in a good location (The more planets in a zone, the less chance of discovering a new one in that zone):

Galaxy and map view, The more yellow, the more planets have been found in that sector.
There's a average of 1,000 planets per sector, and currently the biggest sector only has ~30 planets found... so it's a good time to get in !

Screenshot from 2018-08-03 23-18-34.png

So, I bought my first planet at 0.055 Eth (I just went with the cheapest one I could find, given the "worst" sector to start in has 30/1000 planets found, so it doesn't matter too much yet ;) ):

Home sweet home... even kinda looks like earth !

  1. Invent your first spaceship.

Each planet you have increases the rate of knowledge accumulation, each successive rocket costs more knowledge to research. Simple system really.

(In terms of cost, The logic behind Inventing spaceships is relatively simple, so the transaction to execute it isn't costly)

So, after inventing my first spaceship:


My first spaceship. The different resources to build a spaceship can be transferred between planets, but the colonists (population) has to be present entirely on the planet you're planning to launch from.

At the beginning, it takes an actual real world day or three in between launching your spaceships, but I got incredibly lucky on my first second launch ! (so 4 days after I started playing):

I found an epic planet !

Peek 2018-08-04 00-18.gif

After than, I made more spaceships, discovered more planets, etc...

I even discovered two successive planets today !


My opinion of the game

The basic game itself isn't that different from the other crypto-games out there.

basically being a collectible game with much better graphics and some cool animations thrown in.

There was a recent announcement in the Discord channel about 0Xuniverse Battleships, an upcoming game in their universe that'll make planet owners battle it out.

There's still no news about what this entails, if we can bet resources, if the ships themselves will need resources, or how that'll work, but it'll be interesting to see.

Honestly, what attracted me most to this game is how awesome the Legendaries look !

Screenshot from 2018-08-03 23-19-49.png

They each hold exclusive stories, that only their owner has access to.

Sometimes, some users will release sneak peeks like this snippet:

Right after Aquaris was discovered, the journalists who love sensational headlines started to call it “the newest wonder of the world,” and this name quickly caught on. Just think of it: a planet in a glass jar! But if we want to be more accurate, the transparent “wall” of Aquaris isn’t glass at all...

That snippet exists just to taunt me... I want to know what this planet is actually made up of now !!!

This is honestly the main reason I'm playing... to discover my own legendary, read it's story, then get in touch with all the other legendary owners and exchange stories !

There's supposed to be a puzzle that leads to the Planet of the Sculptors, which is an Ultra-legendary planet that will hold the key to exploring a new galaxy later on in the game !!!

So, to resume the positives and negatives:


  • Awesome graphics and animations
  • Storylines hidden in the legendary objects
  • You can own planets !
  • There are plans to expand the game universe already in place.


  • There are transaction fees, which can get quite hefty when the code gets complicated.
  • At the lower level, aka without legendaries, it's the same kind of game as all the other "collect for collections sake" games.
  • I don't have a legendary yet XP

Here's to hoping they get a spontaneous offer from Spore to let them use the Spore creature engine and planetary modes on all of the planets ;) XP

So, is anyone else playing ?
or do you have a better crypto-game to recommend, one that isn't all about collecting but has a good storyline?


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Glad I didn't miss this post! This really looks like something I could get into. I'm in love with the space theme as you know (Oh! I never replied to your comment on my NMS post - will do) and it being crypto, it seems like a win-win =)

Now I just need to figure out how I'm gonna get me some ETH, hehe.

I play the game about 14 days, but unfortunately the game is not a few days or the fees are so high that gladly waived, do you have the same problems?


Yeah, the entire ceyptogaming community on ETHEREUM is still waiting for that fomo3d stupidity to calm down so we can play XS

Ie got 1 transaction going at 5 gwei price that should resolve in a day or so 😅