I'm Creating A Game!

in game •  10 months ago

Sah my dudes! So I've been working on a basic yet addicting game called Laaag. It's a simple shooter game but the main concept is that you have to use legitimate lag in the game to beat your opponents. I can't release too much of the game yet but I'm planning on having it come out tomorrow.

If you'd like to pre-order the game (without seeing anything about it, lol) you can buy it for 5 cents in Steem Dollars. Yep, that's it. Next week it will be at a permanent price of 10 cents. Just send that amount of Steem Dollars to me in a way I can send the file to you sem-securely. Like a throw away-email, Tox ID, etc. If you want to set up communications with me now, just comment below =). I'll also have a free version (though I think 10 cents is reasonable) that runs Coinhive miner, though I'll probably make more from your 10 cents =).

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