Scientists found Stardust

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Deliah' MIIXV, Ambassador of Cruq'al and head of the interstellar research community, turned today's press conference into a historic event when he announced the exciting news. Stardust was found.

"We have reached a important milestone and we will now significantly intensify the research," said Deliah' at the press conference.

What is Stardust?

Stardust is a rare and valuable in-game token, which is linked to purchases in the shop. You will get 100 STARDUST for every 1 STEEM you spend in the shop. You can find your Stardust in your wallet.

By linking Stardust to the purchases in the shop, we ensure the price stability of the token. This is a solid basis for the expansion of this token.

You can use the transfer function to trade Stardust with other players. You will need Stardust as the game progresses, so don't sell your hard earned Stardust frivolously or cheap.

Mighty supernovae distributed Stardust in space. Stardust was a component of the dust in the interstellar medium before its incorporation into meteorites. The meteorites have stored those stardust grains.


Stardust has been distributed today to all settlers who have purchased in the shop in the past. The auctions of the nine legendary planets in the run-up were also taken into account in the distribution. In addition, each settler receives 10 STARDUST as a gift.

Token name: Stardust
Supply: 16,512,786.000

Stardust is the basis for the following reward module, which we will roll out in several steps. This is the first step for a new chapter.

The current update also includes quite a number of bugfixes and minor adjustments.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.

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nice, but allow me one question:
why did you not put it on steemengine?

First and foremost, we do not want to give up sovereignty to a private/centralised company. This basis is now in place. On this basis, we now have the option of docking to other entities.


Perfect answer! Like your way of thinking

But the token itself is listed on the steem engine..

We listed the token primarily to make sure that nobody comes up with a fake coin.

Good question

Thanks for stardust. My future prediction is one steem = 200 stardust.

Amazing its very interesting

Great! I look forward to opening the market.


Logged into my account and found out this "unexpected stardust's surprise", danke for the stardust @nextcolony :)

You are welcome!

Interesting, does this mean you will airdrop to people who have already spend Steem in the shop?

This has happened already. Check your wallet and you should see it.

Cool, that's great!

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No, I dont think that Stardust will have stability :) Eg. there will be some incentive for having stardust (will be?), if so it would be better to buy token from market than buy something in the shop. This means price would rise to the point when it is better go to the shop at the end. Now for speculants, the work is to estimate this point.

We'll see. :)

That's pretty cool. But where can we spent Stardust?

Yes! :) We will announce different sinks in the next posts.

This may be the most exciting development yet! Now, the real In game economics will begin. Things are getting interesting…

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Big players get bigger, and little ones like me, even smaller.

Excellent information and Stardust token will be very useful in the game!

I think Stardust could end up being a great way to bring new players into the game, and old players that have walked away might return, if an internal market is created. The ability to buy and sell things like Coal would create incentive for small players who have just begun playing, or who are being farmed, to at least have a reason to continue participating in the game. Of course, ideas are one thing, and programming and coding are another matter. It's easy to come up with new insights, so I won't say more than that - an internal market to trade Stardust for everything from Coal to Planets would make NextColony more attractive, in my opinion!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

My Hamsters sniff the stardust token i their little noses. GOOD did they say. :-) Hehehe. Cool Thank you for the Airdrop!!!

Yeah ehm... we will see how useful a coin it is, but it's good to have it in the wallet, anyway. thx

That sounds great! I'll see if I can invest in some soon!

wow, guess if you don't want to spend money on this game there is no point in even playing now.

THANKS for the Stardust!

Wonderful development @nextcolony. Gracias😊😘✌

Amazing to read this

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