Bingo Bee

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We used to envision Bingo (not the dog) being associated with elderly citizens sitting around intently serious with marker in hand, bingo card on table and somewhere in front a cheeky bingo caller spilling out numbers in naughty rhymes.

Bingo is now enjoyed by all ages. It can be played by an unlimited number of players making it a terrific social game. Loads of fun and lots of laughter; enjoyable even with people you do not know. So rewarding.

Bingo is easy to master but because it's fast paced, playing requires constant concentration and alertness in order to listen for calls and quickly check them off the bingo card with fluorescent markers called daubers.

When a player calls out "BINGO", this means someone has managed to fill their card in the pattern designated at the start of the game. This will usually be followed by a loud racket of clapping and moaning from losers. A riot!

Thumbs up for Bingo!

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You can generate your own cards, online
Just upload the images or words you want to use, and the number of cards you want, and the site will scramble them all up for you and save them as a pdf.
Very straightforward. My son loves plants vs zombies, so we're doing this for his birthday today.

Every once in a while in college, a bunch of us would go and sit in on a couple of Bingo games. The regular players got a kick out of us goofballs showing up to joke around. We chatted quite a bit with them but there were some who were playing at least 10 cards at a time. If you broke their concentration, you were risking being beaten with a cane.

Haha that's awesome. I love bingo as well, even since I was a kid. I think it's one of these games that remain timeless.

That's great! Bingo is a game with many variations and it can appeal to people of many ages.

Haha that's certainly an upgraded version of what I experienced in school, which is just "mark BINGO in A1 B1 C1 D1 E1" and that's it.

looks so enjoyable🌸