Gods Unchained! ETH online decentralized competitive collectible card game!!! should be EPIC!!!

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This game has amazing potential!!! It looks the part and it feels like the team is really doing an amazing job.

"Gods Unchained is a decentralized competitive card game that takes some of the best lessons learned from games like Hearthstone, MTG, and Fearia and turns them into a truly community-focused game." - FUEL GAMES

Let me just start this by showing you a partners and investors screen shot:

Coinbase - need i say more?? one of the most reputable exchanges. and since recently investment fund as well if i remember correctly

Continue Capital - Startups , Private Equity and HFT Funds, strategic sectors including blockchain industry, innovative science and technologies - their portofolio: https://www.continue.capital/#portfolio

Nirvana Capital – Crypto Investment Fund, founders are early ETH investors - portofolio: http://nirvana.capital/

Sora Ventures - is Asia's first crypto-backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital currency investment - portofolio: http://www.sora.vc/#portfolio

OPSKINS - just the worlds largest skin market, no biggie..

Rare Bits is a marketplace where users can buy, sell and discover crypto assets

OpenSea A peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles

So, yeah, it looks really solid and it means they probably already have the funding roll this game out successfully.

The Genesis Cards sale is live now at a discount of 7%, this discount is getting smaller by 1% every day, so it should reach 0 the same day this article is vested, let the countdown begin! :)

Whats so special the Genesis collection?! Well they're unique and limited edition for starters, they'll will only be produced during the sale and there's only 380 of them in the collection. The sale is capped at $15 mil or until end of sale, so there will be a limited number of cards. Since each card is actually an ERC-721 token you'll be able to trade these cards on the market. (The game is structured in seasons which last for 3 months and every season 100 new tradable cards get added to the game with no limits on production. There are also Free Cards - these can be used freely to play the game and are not tradable.)

The price for Genesis cards ranges roughly from 0.01 - Rare pack to 0.9 ETH Legendary Shiny pack. A pack contains 5 cards. A game deck starts with 30 cards so i guess that means at least 6 packs to get full deck, probably why '6 packs' is the preset buy option :)

The are some more perks if you buy at least one Legendary or Legendary Shinny pack:

  • one tournament ticket to the first per pack. The tournament starts in Q1 2019 and the pot is already $165K and the target is $1.5 mil! (10% of the ETH from each pack sold goes to the pot). If you want to just buy a ticket it will cost you 0.05 ETH and there will be 20K tickets for sale - 1000 ETH worth of tickets to be precise :)

  • access to gameplay in the beta version which launches in Q4 2018; this extra practice time could give you a serious edge over other players who don't have access to the beta

Its a turn based game, competitive 1v1 and the objective of a battle is to get your opponent's life to zero. win!
i won't get into the game design cause it seems really complex and i don't want to do it the injustice of explaining it through my limited understanding. From what i understand so far there is an intricate mechanic of 7 Gods (of course) from which you choose one to fight under his powers (of course) and Creatures, Spells and Weapons. There's also this thing called The Void where Creatures go when they get killed and from where they can be summoned, or not :)
In rare circumstances creatures can also be obliterated in which case they're forever removed from the game, so careful there.
Oh, lets not forget the Keywords, about a dozen of them, they're are quite specific and designed to promote engaging and strategic gameplay.

The multitude of gameplay options that result from mixing these elements coupled with kick-ass artwork should be more than enough to attract a big community of players. BUT! Throw decentralized blockchain technology for ownership and trading + ETH rewards... and you got winner recipe right there!
And thats exactly what the people at FUEL GAMES did with Gods Unchained. I for one can't wait to play it!

Hope you found something new or useful in my review :)

If you check out the game and decide to buy cards please use my referral link:


Thanks :)

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Excellent post.. Great review! Keep On Steemin On!!

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thanks @satx210 i appreciate you taking the time to read it :) cheers!