Top Android Games- You should try.

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Who don't play games? Most of us play games for entertainments. We play that game what we can get easily. But Do you know about top games?

Let's introduce with 5 Top games of Android Device.

Modern combat 5

Price: $ 10

Modern combat 5.jpg
Modern Combat 5 is one of the top paid Android games. This makes it one of the new iteration of the modern Combat 1st Person Shooter series. It is very high quality graphics, fun game play, multiple players on-line, and a solo player campaign. There's a lot of content here and developers have recently moved forward and made a free title for the game.

N.O.V.A. 3

##Price: $ 6.99
The NOVA series is one of the best Android games to offer. This series game is more exciting than the first separate shooter that is to absorb the breathtaking roots. Thinking of comparisons like the modern Combat Calling Halo. This game has a great graphics, many player modes on-line, a 10-mission campaign mode, and more. The story is actually appealing to the modest and there may be up to 12 players on the line of multiple players on line of seven diverse sportsmen playing on line.

Grand Theft Auto

Price: $ 4

GTA is the Best Paid Android Game It makes pre-mastered, high-resolution mobile counting enlightenment graphics, a rich color palettes and character models designed specifically to enhance graphics. Dual analog stick control for full camera and movement control. It makes combine with interesting tactile feedback.
It is one of the acclaimed and the finest games. You are just one step away from the wonders of the world.


Price: $ 4.99

Machinarium is one of the first truly grand puzzle games. A little robot that displays you manage and you need to find your environment items and transfer them to solve puzzles. It makes it pre-dominant after its initial release and includes Google Services to play with Google Advanced Graphics.

Riptide GP2

Price: $ 2.99 respectively

Room 1 and 2 puzzle games are a couple of offers to offer a unique experience. In most rooms, the maximum objects puzzle inside the puzzle and then there are puzzles inside them. Fruit Puzzle is a funny rabbit hole that can leap into gamers easily.


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