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Minimal image gallery (Ren'py code)

in game •  6 months ago

I never seen a good image gallery for renpy, then again I've never searched for one in the first place.
When I was asked to add one to an interface I wrote my own code for the gallery, it was a bit complicated and a bit hard to understand. and since then I've wrote something similar for everybody whom asked for one.
Pretty soon I wrote a simplified version to use as the base for the future projects and this is the bare bone image gallery that you can add to your game by copying the folder into your game folder and add a button to your menu.
I'm planning to expand the code if needed, however, It has almost everything I can think of in a gallery.
Here are a list of features:

  • Lock and UnLock images
  • Image captions
  • Load images from any folder
  • include images that are not used in the game
  • Exclude images even if they are used in the game
  • Can show any image and not limited to CG images
  • Use arrow keys to navigate
  • Two type of interface and ability to any other interface you want
  • Very easy to style and change the look of gallery
  • All in one file. (you can add the gallery by copying one file and it doesn't depend on images for the interface, the folder contains placeholder images just to showcase how it works)

And a list of features not included (yet):

  • thumbnails (it makes the code complicated and I decided to develop it as a feature that can be enabled or disabled at will)
  • Bunching the different versions of the same image, (I have plans for it)
  • Simpler lock/unlock interaction
  • Additional information/descriptions
  • Image file information
  • Animation
  • Ability to switch the interface without touching the code
  • Ability to show images bigger than screen
  • Ability to show images at center, sides, top and bottom.
  • Animation manager for animated images (just an idea at the moment)
  • Layer switch for layered images and characters (still an idea)

here are some features that I'll never add:

  • Auto list images ( this goes against the code idea of this gallery)

Note: All images used in this project are downloaded from and under CC0 license.

The code is available on my patreon page, however, steemit users don't have to become a patreon to access the code, all you have to do is ask for it in the comments below.

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