New Gaming Laptop Unlock

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New Gaming Laptop Unlock

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Laptop users are increasingly playing games and working in the country. Keeping in mind the gamers, the technology maker Dell brings the new laptop to the G-series. The new series, named G series, started officially in the country by launching the Windows 10 Gaming PC 'Del G7 15' system model laptop on Monday.

Bangladesh National Women's Cricket Team Vice-Captain Jahanara Alam and Country Manager of Dell Bangladesh Atiqur Rahman inaugurated the new series in a city hotel.
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Dell officials said, after the success of the Inspiron Gaming series, Dell's Gaming Laptop Series has been re-introduced in the 'Dell G series'. G series for new or professional gaming laptops for all types of gamers and all budgets.

Dell's new G-Series hyperformance gaming laptop technology has played an important role in creating the new movie 'Antoine and the Wasp' by Marvel Studios.

G series gaming laptops include the eighth generation Intel Core series processor and the Nvidia Gifs GTX 10 series Graphics Processing Unit (ZPU). There are special solutions to handle heat, software to fix content priority automatically, anti-glare anti-IP displays and many other features of gaming. Dell G7 Laptop is 25mm thin. The system has a 6GB GDDR 5 video memory, the 8th generation Intel Core series processor (up to Core i9 models), two fans and two storage drives, which can be used in SSOs.

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