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Onmyouji Master is a master of Yin Yang art, controlled by powerful spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and strongest of the Onmyouji clan, the strongest among the ancestors. Kagura, as one of the most potent Onmyouji families, he was given Seimei Umbrella (Seimei Umbrella), the heirloom yin art has been handed down from generation to generation.
Legend has it that the umbrella has filtered the great Seimei by using the power of thousands of ghosts, which now have life and wisdom that can only be controlled by the real owner. After studying with his childhood friend Hayabusa who went to the Land of Dawn for a dangerous mission, Kagura secretly took Seimei Umbrella and followed Hayabusa's steps, hoping that he could help Hayabusa in the battlefield.
Here is the skill set in Kagura.
Passive Skill: Yin Yang gathering
-When Semei Umbrella and Kagura become one, Kagura gets a shield that absorbs 300pts from Damage and gives Stun and Slow effects to the nearest enemy. This effect can only appear every 4.5 seconds.
First Skill: Seimei Umbrella is open

  • Moving Seimei Umbrella to the targeted area, giving 300/330/360/390/390/420/450 pts Magic Damage to enemies along Umbrella movement and giving slow effect to enemies as much as 60%.
    Second Skill: Rasho umbrella flee
    -With Seimei Umbrella: Using this Skill will release all negative buffs from enemy heroes. Kagura moves towards the prescribed direction and releases his umbrella where he uses this Skill.
    -No Seimei umbrella: Kagura moves toward the umbrella position and takes back his umbrella, giving 205/230/255/280/305/330 pts Magic Damage to nearby enemies.
    The third skill: Yin Yang overturn
    -With Seimei umbrella: Gives 300/330/360 pts Magic Damage, gives knock back effect to nearby enemies and gives Slow effect to them.
    -No Seimei umbrella: Create a line with umbrella for 6/7/8 sec, and instantly remove Cooldown from 'Seimei Umbrella Open', any enemy touching the line will be affected by Slow effect and receive 225 / 247.5 / 270 pts Magic Damage.

Build that can be bought for Kagura
Combination of Kagura Skill
Kagura actually has 5 Skills that need to be mastered in order to provide a combination of deadly Skill. This combination includes 'with umbrella' and 'without umbrella'. Here we will discuss about the combination of Kagura Skill.
First combination (1-2): Use 'Seimei Umbrella Open' towards enemy and use 'Rasho Umbrella Flee' then use again 'Rasho Umbrella Flee'. You will throw Kagura's umbrella at the enemy and give the Slow effect to the enemy by 60% and you will jump towards the enemy and give some Damage to the nearest enemy. After that, leave your umbrella in the enemy area. This combination can be used when you have reached level 1-2.
Second combination (1-4): Use 'Seimei Umbrella Open' towards enemy and use 'Rasho Umbrella Flee' and 'Yin Yang Overturn' and use 'Rasho Umbrella Flee'. This combination is usually used to disrupt and pinch the enemy. This combination can also be used to push back enemies and give the Slow effect to them.
The third combination (1-4): Use 'Seimei Umbrella Open'to enemy direction and use' Yin Yang Overturn 'then use' Seimei Umbrella Open 'to shift the umbrella. This combination is called Basic Ultimate. Provide high Damage and give effect to Slow enemy.
Fourth Combination (1-4): Use Seimei Umbrella Open 'to enemy and use' Rasho Umbrella Flee 'then use' Rasho Umbrella Flee 'again, then use' Yin Yang Overturn 'and' Seimei Umbrella Open '.
Actually there are many other combinations that can be done with Kagura hero. However, the four combinations mentioned above are the basic combinations we should know.
So, are you guys interested in Kagura's ability, my Mobile Legends

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