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It took me a long time to talk about my current project, because i wanted to be sure that i got more than just hot air to tell.

Over the past months i was diving deep into coding and learned a lot about the Unity Game Engine. I've made a huge mind map with all my brainstormed ideas, often got stuck, started, failed, started again...

But now the Prototype of my game is ready. This means i've figured out how to program most of the features i want to have in my game. The base engine is working and all it takes to finish the next version - which is Pre-Alpha - is time and hard work.

At the moment i take a break from coding to care more about some graphical stuff, the actual story line and my 3D Puppets. Writing the code and bringing it all together is a shitload of work, but there are even more heavy tasks to do, like:

  • Building the sets
  • 3D Objects
  • Render countless sprites and extra imagery
  • Additional art (world map, start screen, gui)
  • Learn new techniques
  • Program a dedicated website

...and the list goes on and on.

What is the game about?

I can't tell you the title, or give you story hints yet. But obviously the game plays in the "Luisa B."-Universe and Luisa herself will be the main protagonist. You can sort the game into the 2D Point&Click Adventure genre, but due to its hot erotic content i jokingly renamed that genre to DD Porn&Click Sexventure. I think turning the "2D" into a "Double D", referencing the average boob size of my models, is quite appropriate :)

In case you've read this far, thank you. If you're interested in this project, please consider visiting my blog 3dxhaven.com for latest news, since i don't post here on the blockchain very often.

Have a good time!

➢ Main Project: http://luisa3d.com
➢ Homepage: http://3dxhaven.com
➢ Patreon: https://patreon.com/3dxhaven
➢ Steemit: https://busy.org/@haven3dx

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