God of War (2018)

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God of War is the next video game in the God of War saga and eighth installment of the franchise. Exclusive to the PlayStation 4 system. It is currently in development and will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2018.

Cory Barlog (animator of God of War and director of God of War II) returns to take command of this new installment.

  1. Norse mythology will replace the Greek mythology that has accompanied us in previous deliveries, during the time when the Viking gods walked among men.

  2. Kratos will be the protagonist of the story again. This time he will wear a thick beard, change his outfit and replace his sword features with an ax with magical powers.

  3. Kratos will have a new dubbing actor, Christopher Judge will take over from Terrence C. Carson, who has voiced the Spartan until now.

  4. Kratos will be accompanied throughout the adventure by his son, who will gain experience, help solve puzzles and launch arrows in the fighting.

  5. Filtered conceptual designs by the artist Finnian MacManus show what Alfheim could be, one of the nine worlds of the Nordic myth and home of the elves.

  6. With his ax, Kratos will be able to cut vines to create bridges or access routes, as well as launch it against his enemies. The actions of Kratos can interact with the environment. If the Spartan cuts a vineyard, visible spores will come out of it.

  7. The Wrath of Sparta (introduced in God of War III) is preserved and will feed on the fury that Kratos is accumulating. By using it, as shown in the trailer, Kratos will be faster and stronger.

  8. This new release will feature small RPG elements, progression and manufacturing.

  9. There will still be collectibles, among which are idols, pieces of armor and other objects of manufacture.

  10. The camera has been modified and will now show a closer perspective to Kratos and not as aerial as in previous deliveries. Also, for the first time in the series, the camera will have a completely free movement.

  11. His son is called Atreus, confirmed by Cory Barlog on Twitter

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excellent post

This will be a great new chapter for the saga, the enviroment is amazing!