Exode: The first alpha of the browserversion was published today

in #gamelast year

After the downloadable alpha version ran only very badly on my computer and crashed several times, I am surprised by the browser version. Now everything runs much more smoothly and there are no more crashes.

There are still a few display errors at high resolutions, but should be easy to fix.

Here are some screenshots I made of the alpha version running in the browser.





If you want to participate in the game, you should make sure that you use a referral code with your first order, because then you get some advantages like 2 free boosters.

I would be very happy if you would use my referral code f9bfc9a .


Did I mistakenly fuck your wife or what?

Was it worth it to kick me out of top 50 and gain nothing for it?

You've just been inactive in nextcolony too long.
But now that you're active again, you have nothing more to fear from me. You have plenty of time and stardust to get back into the top 49 and get a reward.

Inactive? Riiiight... That's why I have every skill maxed out and all planets almost maxed out and in the last season ever before the game shuts down I was "inactive". Cool story. Takes a while to upgrade yamato to lvl 11 with just it's planet's resources.

I don't mean inactive all the time, but no nc transaction for now over a week (no action between apr.28 and Mai 6). Started atacking slow at one planet. As there was no reaction, I atacked more and more planets. You are right, you now have to less ressources. I send a few ressources and in a few hours I will send you a lot more and also enough ships to distribute them to all your planets .

No need to send me more I can manage solo. Just stop attacking and we are cool. If I don't make it to top 50 I'll call it a defeat, colossal waste of time and 400Steem invested with nothing taken out.