Shima Amidakuji Results / 縞アミダクジ結果

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Shima Amidakuji Results


I have to apologize for posting the results of this Amidakuji and for sending its rewards a day late.

With crypto prices soaring and SBD values ranging between $6.00 and $12.00, I understand if you have all been waiting and wondering when these results would be posted. Unfortunately, I got swamped by a number of other priorities and just couldn’t get around to making this post or its payouts. With that said, let’s jump right in and announce this week’s winners.


Jackpot Recipients: Congratulations @coquiunlimited, you are this week’s sole Jackpot winner. I hope you will enjoy the full rewards of last week’s Amidakuji, which paid out at 5.223 SBD and 3.059 Steem. Considering the latest prices of SBD, that’s not a bad jackpot, and just in time for the holidays too.

今週のJackpotウイナーは一人しかいないです。@coquiunlimitedは5.223 SBD と 3.059 Steemをもらいました。最近SBDの価値を考えれば今回のJackpotは悪くないですよね。そして年末に間に合いました。おめでとうございます。


Promotion Post: Before I announce the winners of this week’s Promotion Post award, I want to apologize to past winners for not writing these more quickly. I am doing my best with the time I have available to me. @darkerhorse, I am still trying to get in touch with you.

That said, to the winners this week, congratulations! @rockjon, @theb0red1, and @bluesapphire06, I will be contacting you all as soon as I can to collect information that will help me write a post about you and your work. If you have time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me first. Thanks in advance for your help!

今週のPromotion Postウイナーは3人です:@rockjon, @theb0red1, @bluesapphire06。今週この3人のブログについてご紹介記事を書きたいと思います。今までのプロモポストを書くのは思ったより時間かかっています。まだ完成してないポストがありますがもうそろそろ完成させたいと思います。こんなに時間かかって申し訳ありません。

Please tell me what the best way to contact you is, or feel free to contact me in the Amidakuji chat channel that is located on the SteemitBC Discord server.

Resteem: Lastly, I’m happy to announce that @chrismiss, who makes very nice stained glass ornaments, and @livinguktaiwan, who is a fantastic travel writer catering to English speaking audiences and the Chinese community as well, have won the Resteem Award. I have already upvoted and resteemed two of your posts. Here’s to hoping that they get a few more views.


If you aren’t familiar with these two Steemians, please take a look at their blogs.

@chrismiss has just finished participating in @papapepper’s selfie challenge for 57 days and has also recently shared a touching piece about how her father inspired her love for working with stained-glass. Both posts are very touching.

@livinguktaiwan is a very active travel writer and photographer who has contributed some great pieces to the #culturevulture challenge, among other things.

I have voted for and resteemed two posts for each of these Steemians. Please feel free to check them out here.

Selfie Challenge – what it meant to me

#gratefulvibes – My Dad

What does your Black n White photo mean to you?

Round the Isle UK trip #9 The Wall and dinner at The Hands and Flower

As always, to all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

Don’t forget to try your luck again next week!


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Thank you @boxcarblue! I thoroughly enjoy your contests!


I’m glad to hear that. Your comment just made my day!!

i have been a bit busy @boxcarblue but i will get in contact with you in if you are available. thanks

Congrats !!😍😊❤


Congratulations to winners, @boxcarblue you are doing a great job to encourage the newbies. Thankks


I’m glad you think so @raist. Thanks for your support.

congratulations to all winners and its really nice and fun game and i really enjoy it.


I’m glad you like it. And thanks for telling your friends about it.


yes first she not want to join and after 3 times i told she did it and she won that is great thing and she get some encoragement too.


As they say, timing is everything!

I enjoyed it. Thank you.


You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoy playing it.

Your post has been resteemed to my 2800 followers


I don’t know what that is, but thanks. I appreciate your help.

Congratulatuons to the winners!!! Thanks @boxcarblue for hosting the fun game!


You’re welcome. Join me again next time.


wow cogrtas to all the winnerrs,. that was a cool game.. god bless


I’m glad you liked it.


Thank you very much guy's very kind.

Heartest congratulate to all the winners. Thanks @boxcarblue for your great job of creating such a beautiful contest.


You’re welcome Maya! Thanks for always playing.


Thanks for the nice reply friend.

Congrats to the winners! 🤗

congrats to winners and all participates too its nice fun game. you are rocking sir and wait for next one.


I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon!

Thank you! It was fun and that's why I did it too. My pal @birjudanak was the one that told me to give it a try. He's a great friend that seems on top of all and reminds me to try different things here when I am pressed for time.


It’s nice to have good friends, isn’t it? I’m happy to hear that word is spreading about this contest. I hope you’ll play again next week.

Congrats to whomever won!

I finally got close, but no cigar yet! lol


There’s always next time.

Thanks for the resteem @boxcarblue!