Results of Yesterday's Amidakuji Steem Giveaway

in game •  last year

Thank you all for playing. The results are posted below.

Steem Amidakuji.jpg

A big congratulations to the two lucky winners, @deanliu and @chrismiss! Both of whom split the contest's total payout of 71.719 steem, meaning that each winner took home a reward of 35.86 steem.

If you would like to play again, tune in next week for my second Amidakuji steem giveaway. I am planning to post it some time next Tuesday, the 21st (Japan Time--which might be the 20th for some of you).

If you enjoyed this game, please tell your friends about it. The more participants who get involved, the bigger the pot will be and the more complicated the Amidakuji will become. Also, please consider upvoting this results post to reward me for the effort involved in bringing this game to you.

Thank you for playing. I hope to see you again!

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Cool that was fun ! Sorry i lost lol ! Looking forward to playing again 👍

Again, Again, I missed this one.

thanks a million for having this game! what a nice surprise! :)
glad there is something to cheer up after learning the big news ... :(
free 100% upvotes from me for anyone commenting this post!!


My pleasure! And I'm glad to be able to provide some good news after the big announcement today. What a shock!

By the way, Mar 21 is currently the new hardfork day. now everyone can remember. and next time I will resteem so more people can enjoy the fun! ;p


That means the payout will take a week, doesn't it? I guess that means the next game will be open for a week. I wonder how that will work out.


oh, yeah. almost forgot. then you'll just have to delay the payment too!

That was fun, even though I didn't win. Seems like a good game!

This was an awesome game! Thank you so much!!! Can't wait for the next one!

hi thought steemit is small. how come i miss out on all the giveaways and even contest?


I don't know. Maybe you're following too many people:) I'm going to post one next week on Tuesday, my time (might be Monday for you).


yep, i follow may people but no choice. i will see this one. i will look out for it!


The new Amidakuji is posted.