Double Jackpot Amidakuji Results

in game •  10 months ago

The results for the Double Jackpot Amidakuji are in!

And here they are.

Double Jackpot Ami.jpg

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a multiple winner Amidakuji, but this week, with two jackpots and fifteen possible lines to choose from, we had three. While it makes me happy to be able to give one person a sizeable jackpot from time to time, I have to say that it makes me even happier to be able to spread the Steem around to a small handful of winning Steemians.

This week, a big Congratulations! goes out to @artwatch, @pewuf, and @miniature-tiger. Each of them split the total payout of this reward three ways (16.049 SD and 10.964 SP), which means that they each received 5.35 SD and 3.655 SP. As always, thanks for playing, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this bi-monthly Amidakuji. If our audience grows, maybe someday we’ll be able to pay the equivalent of a 40 SD reward to three winners. Wouldn’t that be nice?


To all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

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You know what, I have never really won anything in life so this post by @boxcarblue really inspires me that life can really surprise you sometimes, never say never.

To the rest of the participants, do not give up !! Let us participate in the next roll again !


I'm really glad to hear this! Congratulations!!!

Damn I missed this round. Congrats to the winners!


There's always next time.

Close but no gigar, congrats to all the winners- and thanks again to @boxcarblue, had a fun time!

Haha... missed again... Hope to get better luck next! ;)
Congrats to all winners and thank you to @boxcarblue for holding these games!! :) :)

Thank you so much!


Thanks for playing!

Follow back now

Well done winners!

Congratulations to the winners :)

nice post

Thank you @boxcarblue! What a wonderful surprise waiting for me this morning! Congrats to the other winners too!


I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the surprise. Please play again.

Congrats to the winners and many thanks for running the contest!


Thanks for playing!

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